Mozammel Khan

Owner & CEO at MDI-Canada Inc.23 years experience in International Business, Electronic Sys. Design. Owner and CEO at MDI-Canada Inc. Former Engineering Manager at Elysium Broadband Inc. Former Sr. Hardware development engineer at Nortel Networks Former Hardware Design Engineer at CEWE Instrument AB Former Research and Development Engineer at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology Former Computer Engineer at Pulser Inc. Former Electronic Engineer & Production Manager at Legio East Corp Went to Forum for International Trade Training - FITT Went to KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden Went to the University of Borås, Sweden Went to the University of Rajshahi Went to Rajshahi College Went to Naogaon K.D. Govt. High School Lives in Toronto, Ontario From Naogaon, Rājshāhi, Bangladesh

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