Controlling life on Earth is about making things happen the way people want them to. To take control of life – know – who you are, what you like, what you don’t like – where you want to go! Life is full of opportunities. Don’t leave your life in the hands of others. To take your life into your own hands – consider three things: Ways to Take Control of
“Innocence” characterizes the person who is free from evil intent, malice, and untainted by injustice – but “Naiveity” characterizes the person who is pure, and faithful – but, lacking in experience and free from any cunning or treacherous thoughts. “Innocence” and “naivety” are not interchangeable. Qualities of Innocence People: Innocent people have good intentions – not harm – and do not intentionally commit a crime to harm someone. Innocent people
To win people’s hearts and gain support, focus more on what they want—rather than what you want. You are willing to help them in any way you can. Ways to Win People’s Hearts and Supports: Make others feel loved and important. When you see family members, or colleagues doing something right – let them know that what they are doing is important – has a real purpose and a bright
Admitting mistakes builds trust – and shows honesty. When a person is aware of a mistake – he is in a position to learn from it. You will become more confident – if you properly admit mistakes – own them and correct them. Benefits of Admit & Correct Mistakes: If you hurt someone’s feelings – admit your mistake. Humility does not demean or humiliate you – in fact, the exact
Fight or flight in social situation—the stress response that occurs in response to a threat to survival—comes from fear of incapacitation. People spend time and energy hiding evidence of incompetence. Therefore, the perception of fight or flight activates the nervous system and creates intense stress. Reasons for fight or flight in certain situations: People spend time and energy hiding evidence of incompetence. The perception of fight or flight activates the
Bad thoughts cannot be prevented from entering the mind. However, it is possible to control whether it remembers. So- bad thoughts need to be controlled accordingly. Ways to Stay Away from Bad Thought: Self-talk usually leads to negativity. You are very focused on the desired outcome – so, go with high expectations. Use favorite phrases to prevent bad thoughts – add some emotion and comment on your good results. Favorite
Equality in the family is the balance of power between husband and wife – not equal responsibility towards each other. If – one’s own needs are given priority and the partner’s needs are not prioritized – then the family relationship is unequal. Family relationships should be based not on power and control but on equality and respect. Uncontrolled inequality in the relationship leads to resentment and divorce over time. Signs
Mistakes are inevitable in our lives. So, admitting mistakes is an important quality in the family and at work. Admitting mistakes enables you to solve problems quickly and efficiently – helping to improve relationships with others. Committing to integrity and taking responsibility and accountability for actions helps to admit mistakes. Ways to Admit Mistakes: The first step in quickly correcting a problematic situation after a mistake is to say “sorry”
Zero tolerance policy means – no violation of rules will be tolerated. It has little to do with consequence or punishment. Zero-tolerance focuses only on making consequences mandatory punishments. Zero-tolerance policy makes common challenges worse — and can punish someone more harshly than evidence. Zero Tolerance has Two Objections: First Objection: – Zero-tolerance encourages harsh punishment – Politically sanctioned – Punishment is ignored or pardoned for high-achieving individuals or some
Success in marriage depends on – love, commitment, trust, attention, good listening, tolerance, patience, openness, honesty, respect, sharing, consideration, kindness, ability to compromise, constructive resolution of disagreements and arguments, willingness to see spouse’s point of view, forgiveness and having fun. We all have the desire to be important. Make your life partner the most important person in your life – you will never fail. Ways to Make Your Life Partner
Stable life is a belief – striving to be happy and content with what you have in everyday life – not willing to explore and implement new opportunities. Stability – Each of us defines it differently. For some – stability is having a lot of money – for some – career – but, for stability in life we must pay attention to our emotional stability. Advantages of Stable Life: Stable
Commitment – The act of being intellectually and emotionally committed to the progress of a task. In order to realize the promise, the goals must be lofty and achievable. Before you make a commitment, think carefully—because commitment makes you do something. Example: If someone is going to join the police – he has to commit to doing the right thing. Ways to Make commitment Come True: Be Flexible: Flexibility is
 Work contribution – is to say or do something to contribute – which helps to succeed. Job contributions are voluntary but require thinking – and acting in a way – that contributes to the greater potential of the company’s objectives. Answering work contributes to the company – relating what you have achieved in the past and what you can achieve in the future. Ways to Explain Work Contribution: Group work
Thought is a mental activity; Action is a physical activity. There must be a balance between thoughts and actions. Thoughts give a goal-oriented idea – but actions can lead to a realistic decision. The dream will stay in a dream and never comes into reality unless it is executed.  Of course, action is more important than thought. Suppose you are thinking of getting food, but you are not doing it-
Happiness is a feeling of pleasure, a joy of mind when one is satisfied with their activities. Happiness is a long-term state that leads to a wide range of benefits for our performance, health, and relationships. So – happiness is actually the key to success. Happiness has more to do with satisfying our needs, getting what we want, and feeling better. Happiness To Me: Spending time with family—putting cell phones
Planning is the process of deciding what an individual or organization will do and why. A plan is a list of steps, including time and resources, that are used to achieve certain goals. Planning helps to analyze and study goals, as well as ways to achieve them. Importance of Plan in Business: Planning – Defines clearly how you are going to achieve your goals. Planning helps you stay focused, set
Hatred and underestimation are not the same. Humans have an active instinct for hatred – which leads to irrational behavior. Whereas – underestimation is an assumption that makes people feel inferior – the person’s worth is seen as low. In My Opinion – Hatred, and Underestimation: Hatred is the cause of sorrow and grief. Hatred is associated with poor emotional well-being – such as feelings of anger, shame, and fear.
The ILO Part-time Work Convention – defines a “part-time worker” as an employed person whose normal working hours are shorter than comparable full-time workers. Part-time work is generally considered to be work less than 30 hours per week. Part-time work is a large part of the workforce. Companies rely on part-time employees to increase their sales and drive their business. Some people take part-time jobs for personal advancement and financial
Some managers think and afraid that to earn the team’s respect—they should know all the answers to various job needs. So, afraid to say – “I don’t know.” Causes of Fear of Admitting “I Do not Know”: Managers are afraid to say I don’t know to gain respect from team members. Managers don’t want to say I don’t know – for fear of losing credibility with team members. Unwilling to
Suggestion – Statement of something ambiguous. However, the recommendation analyzes the root cause behind specific difficulties and makes specific recommendations on how to avoid those difficulties. Suggestion- Vague, you notice, see, think about something, and make a statement/comment on it without a specific solution. Example of Suggestion: The marketing department is facing major problems in marketing. Recommendation- Be specific and your own statement – which comes from experience and/or expert
Social media is a great channel for instant news, information sharing, and business. On the other hand, the Harmful Effects of Social Media – accelerate human isolation, addiction, mental illness, fraud, scams, and misleading information. Addiction to social media is an omen for society, especially the youth. It is important to focus on the problems that are being created due to social media addiction – and at the same time
Beginning – a new direction – a new way of doing things with new energy. Beginning follows the whole mind and heart—needs understanding—follows new values and new attitudes. People are a little afraid to begin – because it requires a new commitment. Example: A company plans – from 15th May the new business software will be used as a replacement for the old software. Installed the new software – and
Wise and foolish people are living in society. People usually don’t want to admit what they do wrong – and tend to hide it. When some people suggest correcting their mistakes – some people are happy – some people are angry too. Ways People Respond to Advice: Wise people – admit their mistakes and learn from others’ mistakes. If someone finds their mistakes and suggests corrections – they are happy
Honesty means – speaking and acting truthfully – refraining from lying, and cheating. Also includes respect for others, honesty, and self-awareness. Honest people always tell the truth and never try to cheat people or break the law. Being honest can help you admit that even if you are in trouble. You explain – how the situation really happened. You are not being honest – if you say it happened one
Advice – instructions that are used to solve problems. Using the advice of others properly requires a clear understanding of the positive and negative effects of advice. Negative advice can lead to depression and inaction, and positive advice can lead to motivation and activation. Benefits of Advice from Others: People suggest improvement with their feelings, views, values, and opinions. Being open to using advice – having open discussions with the

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