About Layoff Layoff occurs when a job is no longer needed or completed and is not the employee’s fault. Companies may lay off workers due to higher productivity, new technology, new management, or reduced demand in existing markets. The layoff experience can be challenging and unsettling. However, continuing to do so and adopting a positive and proactive mindset can help you navigate this transition more effectively, and you can be […]


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Skills Gap “Skills gap” refers to the difference between employees’ skills and the skills they need to perform their jobs effectively. This discrepancy occurs when an employee’s skill set does not match the employer’s expectations. As a result, it becomes difficult for employers to find suitable candidates for jobs. The skills gap can be attributed to various factors, such as a lack of skilled candidates in the industry, changing job


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HR Department The Human Resources (HR) department is the backbone of employee management policies and procedures. It is key in overseeing employee benefits, payroll, training, recruitment and retention, people orientation, and talent management. Establishes and enforces policies and procedures to ensure the workplace is fair, safe, and productive. Under the leadership of HR, organizations can be sure that employee management is in capable hands. Main Functions of HR Department :


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Keeping jobs and avoiding layoffs: Proactive steps, including strategic planning and adaptability, are essential to keeping jobs and avoiding layoffs. To maintain employment and avoid layoffs, increase your value to the organization, which will increase your chances of job retention and potential layoffs. Companies usually lay off employees when they face financial problems, but employees who are responsible for generating revenue for the company are not usually laid off. Therefore,


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Personal Greatness Personal greatness results from inner strength, strong desire, and good intentions. When we possess personal greatness, we are better companions and better able to face life’s challenges. Achieving personal greatness requires a lifetime of honesty, reasonableness, and faithfulness. Personal greatness is essential to making the right decisions in life. Growing personal greatness requires dedication, persistence, and continuous self-improvement. By intentionally cultivating self-awareness, pursuing meaningful goals, and prioritizing wellness,


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About naive people Naive people are often associated with a lack of experience. They may not possess the knowledge or judgment necessary to make the best decisions. They may have a rigid adherence to ideals and beliefs. Sophistication does not include a lack of wisdom, judgment, or strict adherence to ideals. Naive people believe everything they hear, see, and read. However, they are generally free from cunning or treacherous thoughts.


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About Sarcastic Sarcastic is a form of humor that often involves expressing disapproval or contempt in a way that seems to mean the opposite of what is being said. It is commonly used to mock or insult someone, and people on the receiving end of sarcasm may not feel comfortable or safe around the person using it, especially if that person is a friend or family member. Learning how to


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Coping with option challenges at work Handling situations professionally and diplomatically is essential when your options and ideas are challenged at work. Options give us the best opportunity but not the freedom or right to choose. Individuals can manage difficult choices within the company when they take responsibility for their comfort and focus their efforts on achieving organizational goals rather than solely on personal growth. Challenge is an obstacle that


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Struggle with Ego Ideal: Ego ideal is a psychological concept that refers to an individual’s internal image of personal superiority. The ego ideal is the powerful force that motivates us to choose new directions in life. When individuals’ self-images do not align with their ego ideals, they experience anger, guilt, and depression. On the other hand, when individuals reach their ego ideals, they feel good about themselves. Ego ideals motivate


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About personality fit: Having a work-compatible personality is essential, as it can have a significant impact on your job satisfaction as well as on your colleagues and manager. When your personality fits your job, it can significantly improve your well-being and increase organizational commitment and identification. Therefore, finding a job that suits your personality is essential to achieving the best results for you and your organization. Employers often consider personality,


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Today’s higher education: Today’s higher education faces new challenges and opportunities from contemporary social trends and technological advances. Universities and colleges offer various types of academic higher education. The purpose of higher education is to develop learning skills and knowledge. Education is not about getting a certificate. Proper education and its implementation are the backbone of improving our behavior and career. There has been a noticeable change in the composition


What are Purposes of Higher Education in Today’s Society? Read More »

People love to advise others even if they don’t usually follow it themselves. So, understand yourself well and know how to give good advice before recommending others. Therefore, before advising others, you must understand yourself well and learn how to give good advice. Remember – lousy, unwarranted advice does not work. Valuable ways to advise others: Ask yourself questions to understand other’s expectations: – Questions clarify what others want from


How to Give Advice That Can be Useful for Others? Read More »

About outstanding employees: Standing out as an outstanding employee requires skills, attitudes, and actions. Outstanding employees demonstrate their qualities and make themselves invaluable to their company. They are highly self-motivated individuals who take the initiative to go above and beyond their assigned responsibilities. They have exceptional leadership skills that enable them to motivate and guide themselves and colleagues towards achieving success. They are highly reliable and hardworking, consistently delivering high-quality


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About difficult situation: Difficult situations can be challenging and stressful both in life and at work. The first step to successfully navigating challenging situations is to identify the factors that may be contributing to the problem. Contributing factors to the problem may require adjusting the approach to achieve the best possible outcome. It may also need a willingness to be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances or unexpected challenges. Sometimes,


What are the Critical Steps to Take in Difficult Situations? Read More »

About Public Awareness: Public awareness is an essential measure of how well individuals know about specific issues that affect society. It is vital to gain enthusiasm and support, encourage active participation and action, and leverage local knowledge and resources to address social challenges. Raising public awareness in society is the process of informing, educating, and involving many people to create a collective effort to achieve specific results within a particular


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About Personal Strengths: Developing personal strengths involves a combination of self-awareness, deliberate practice, and continuous learning. To excel and succeed in life, we need to know our strengths and put them to work. Focusing on our weaknesses can only lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. One way to identify our strengths is to look inward and analyze our own behavior patterns. Energy should be reflected in activities that we enjoy and


What are Some Ways to Enhance Personal Strengths? Read More »

Taking ownership of work allows you to understand your role in the larger context of the organization and enables you to maximize your contribution. To own your responsibilities at work, you must understand your role, meet expectations, and take a genuine interest in your company’s success. Reasons Why to Develop a Sense of Ownership for Work: Motivate to Work Owning the workplace means taking the initiative to ask questions and


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About Job Promotion Eligibility: Job promotion is an excellent way to advance a career and take skills to the next level within the organization. To be eligible for promotion, employees must demonstrate exceptional performance, competence, and potential for growth. Promotion is given to employees who have shown outstanding performance, competence, and potential for growth. If you want a promotion, you must work hard, show dedication, and be a valuable asset


How Is Employee Performance Evaluated To Determine Eligibility For Promotion? Read More »

Work relationships are the connections you make with coworkers, managers, and other employees that contribute to job satisfaction for you and your team. Good working relationships show your coworkers that you appreciate them, prioritize them, and work together on projects. Strong working relationships can help you lead your team more effectively and achieve better results. Today’s organizations depend on trust. This belief does not mean that employees have to like


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Convincing people The ability to convince others to help us achieve goals is a valuable life skill that can lead us to success. Successful people understand that they can influence others by treating them respectfully or using threats. However, the most effective way to convince people is to make them feel important and valued. Empowerment can be achieved by aligning your values with others and initiating conversations by leading and


How To Convince Others To Do What You Want? Read More »

About Personal Explanation: People often struggle with personal interpretation. Personal interpretations refer to how individuals perceive and understand their experiences, behaviors, motivations, and psychological issues related to their character. Life is full of uncertainty that often leaves people questioning themselves and their surroundings. To better understand personal interpretation, it is essential to take a step back, reflect, and evaluate where you currently stand in life, where you are going, and


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About Honesty Honesty plays a vital role in shaping one’s moral character. It refers to speaking and acting truthfully while refraining from lying and cheating. Integrity is characterized by one’s respect for others and self-awareness. Honest individuals always tell the truth and abstain from cheating people or breaking the law. If faced with trouble for being honest, one should state the situation as it occurred and not paraphrase it. Honesty


What are the Benefits of Being Honest? Read More »

Commit to Work Workplace commitment refers to the employee’s enthusiasm for their assigned work and sense of responsibility toward the company’s vision, mission, and goals. It is a critical factor for any company’s success. Therefore, increasing workplace commitment is essential for every organization aiming to succeed and thrive in today’s competitive business environment. When employees are passionate about their work and committed to achieving the company’s goals, it positively impacts


How Can We Expect Employees to be Committed to Their Work in Workplace? Read More »

Crisis in Personal Life of Bangladeshis: Personal crisis is used to describe an individual’s internal confusion and anxiety. This can occur when their previously successful coping mechanisms become ineffective, leading to ineffective decision-making and behavior. A personal crisis can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as life changes, traumatic events or chronic stress. It is characterized by a state of inner turmoil and emotional distress, which can lead


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Focus on what is truly important determines how much of your daily tasks are necessary and how well you can meet your needs, interests, and desires. Focus is the basis of effective thinking, which helps you establish your vision and goals, plan your actions, reason, solve problems, and think critically. Without good focus, all aspects of your thinking ability are compromised, and your ability to think critically and solve problems


How to Focus on What is Essential in Life? Read More »

Meaning to say extraordinary When someone calls you extraordinary, they think you’re exceptional. This means that they see qualities in you, such as – talent, intelligence, creativity, courage, kindness, or accomplishments that are ordinary or beyond the average. Being called astonishing is a compliment, suggesting that you have distinguished yourself positively and memorably. It can refer to your talents, personality, achievements, or actions that inspire admiration and respect. Basically, it


What Does it Mean if Someone Calls You Extraordinary? Read More »

Things to avoid: To achieve success, avoiding careless situations and working efficiently is essential. Some things should not be done or allowed to happen by others. Refraining from acting impulsively and taking time to weigh the consequences of decisions is crucial. Many things in life should be avoided for personal and collective welfare. Some actions should be avoided altogether, while others may require careful consideration. Avoiding actions that may have


What are Some Things in Life that Should Avoid to Used? Read More »

Shortened Memory Duration Memory duration is an important cognitive ability that enables individuals to concentrate on a specific task or topic without losing focus. Recognizing that memory is a complex process influenced by various internal and external factors is essential. Improving focus, managing stress, getting enough sleep, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can alleviate memory problems and help overall cognitive function. In today’s fast-paced world, understanding and increasing memory duration


Why is Human Memory Duration Drastically Shortened? Read More »

Effective orders are crucial in the workplace to achieve maximum results. Orders should be framed as suggestions or requests to be received positively. As a leader, having the courage to make decisions, take responsibility, and be accountable for your work is vital. To motivate employees, ideas must be presented to make them feel it’s their own and inspire them to act on it. Ways to Give Effective Orders in Workplace:


How To Give Effective Orders In Workplace? Read More »

About Undesestimation: Underestimation is an assumption that is less than the actual answer to a problem, leading us to behave irrationally. Underestimating someone is perceiving another person as less powerful or less effective than oneself. This perception can be harmful, making the other person feel inferior and lacking respect and trust. When we underestimate someone, we fail to recognize their potential. To avoid underestimating others and to work collaboratively, it


How do You Deal With Underestimation of Others? Read More »

About Hatred and Depreciation: Hatred and devaluation are two distinct concepts, although they can sometimes be related. Aversion involves a strong negative emotional response to certain people, things, or ideas, often accompanied by feelings of anger, contempt, and dislike. It can lead to irrational behavior and negative actions. On the other hand, devaluation occurs when one assumes that another person is less powerful or less effective than oneself, which makes


Are Hatred and Underestimation Same Thing? Read More »

Key Factors to Success Success in life is a multifaceted concept; the combination of factors and actions that constitute success can vary significantly from one person to another. By taking proactive steps, focusing on your goals, and persevering in the face of challenges, you can increase your chances of success in your endeavors. Remember that success is a journey rather than a destination; every step brings you closer to your


What are the Key Factors to Success in Life? Read More »

Profit in business is the income received from the economic activity minus the total costs. Profit is revenue generated from financial activities. Profits are needed for future growth and reinvestment to sustain business activity. Profit motive motivates individuals to become entrepreneurs, take risks, and do business. Reason Why Profit is Important for Business : Business profits are effectively used over time to serve all its stakeholders – such as investors,


Why Profit is Necessary for Business? Read More »

Trends of Today’s Bangladeshi Youth: Today’s youth in Bangladesh are increasingly facing the challenge of discovering self-independence at an early age due to an inappropriate environment. Unfortunately, lack of proper guidance and motivation from family, community, educational institutions, society, and the government leads the youth to uncertainty, despair, and confusion about their present and future life. As a result, the youth crime trend is increasing. Ethical, social, economic, and cultural


Why is Crime Tendency of Young People in Bangladesh Increasing? Read More »

Work Orders – Outline all the information about the work and the process for completing that work. Work orders specify what workers are to do – when work will start – clarify what needs to be done – specify completion dates – and give special instructions if necessary. Briefly, work orders include details of who authorized the work, the scope, who is assigned, and what is expected. spaceman Advantages of

Why Issuing Orders is Important in Workplace? Read More »

Role of Teacher for Students: Teachers are an essential part of society as they play an important role in shaping students’ future. Teachers are responsible for imparting knowledge and advising, guiding, and advising students. They help students become well-rounded individuals by developing social, emotional, and intellectual skills. Teachers teach academic subjects and develop values ​​and principles that help students distinguish between right and wrong. They aim to produce responsible citizens


What are Teachers Roles in Shaping Students Lives? Read More »

About Teachers: Students respect teachers who are knowledgeable and skilled in their field of expertise. Teachers who provide their students with the valuable insights, practical skills, and guidance they need to succeed in their studies are more likely to gain respect from their students. In addition, teachers who display good behavior and behave consistently with their teaching may gain respect and admiration from their students. Reverence is a deep understanding


Why Bangladeshi Students Do not Respect Teachers? Read More »

Contribution of experience Experiences play an essential role in shaping our life identity, beliefs and world view. They contribute to our personal growth and development. Everyone has to learn and experience something to survive. What you know and what you feel determines your success or failure in life. Therefore, it is essential to experience as much as possible to live a fulfilled life. Whether personal or professional, what we know


Why Experiences Matter in Life? Read More »

About Stable Life: Stable life is a belief in being happy and content with what one has in everyday life. This does not mean one is reluctant to explore and implement new opportunities. Stability can mean different things to different people—for some, it may be financial security, and for others, it may mean a successful career. A stable life requires managing one’s emotions, maintaining healthy relationships, and developing a sense


What are Advantages of Stable Life? Read More »

Poverty means insufficient and inferior resources where an individual, family, community and society lacks financial resources to meet basic needs including food, clothing and shelter. The level of income from employment, business is so low that even the basic needs of people are not met. Poverty is a serious problem for the survival, sustainability and growth of people, communities, societies and countries. Poverty, which is an obstacle to the economic


What is Poverty and Why does Poverty Exist in a Country? Read More »

Desired Life Desired life is to be complete, satisfied, and happy. Achieving the life you desire is a journey rather than a destination. However, often, people try to change their results by changing their actions rather than their mindset. This creates more resistance and tension, like swimming against the current. The procedure can create additional resistance and tension, like swimming against the current. Therefore, by understanding the importance of changing


What should be Done Until You Get Desired Life? Read More »

About Investigative Committees: Investigative Committees conduct systematic inquiries, thorough observations, and comprehensive investigations of matters under their jurisdiction. The higher authorities delegate the power and responsibility to form inquiry committees to investigate allegations of rule violations. In Bangladesh, the Investigative Committee is supposed to play an essential role in various areas, especially in ensuring accountability, transparency, and justice. It is usually formed to investigate specific incidents, complaints, or matters of


What is the Role of Investigation Committee in Bangladesh? Read More »

Workshops are a place where people can share information, experiences, education, and values, ​​and support each other. The workshop basically determines the effectiveness of the group and its value. Key Elements of Workshop : Purpose: The workshop should have a specific purpose. Respect the attendees’ time – tell them what you need from them and what they can expect from the workshop in return. Participants: Decide who should be part


What are Key Elements of Workshop? Read More »

Action is a physical activity – whereas, thinking is a mental activity. Thinking gives objective ideas – but action can lead to practical decisions. Dreams will remain dreams and will not come true – unless they are implemented. A balance between thought and action is essential to be happy in life. Actions are more important than thoughts. Let’s say – you are thinking about getting food, but you are not


Why Thoughts and Actions Is the Key to Our Happiness? Read More »

Husband and Wife’s Behaviour: The idea that husbands and wives should behave differently stems from traditional gender roles and societal expectations about the roles and responsibilities of men and women within marriage. A successful marriage is built on a few essential ingredients. First and foremost, mutual love creates a strong bond between two people. With love comes commitment, allowing both partners to work toward a shared future. Trust is another


Why do People think that Husband and Wife Should Behave Differently? Read More »

Knowledge and experience are synonymous—however, knowledge emphasizes theory—whereas experience emphasizes observation and practice. Knowledge tells what you can do and experience tells you what you must do. Difference Between Knowledge and Experience : Knowledge: Knowledge is the collection of information, and the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject acquired through education. Knowledge affects how we understand sensory input. Knowledge is needed to expand experience. But, a person with vast


What is Different Between Knowledge and Experience ? Read More »

Communal Politics in Society: Communal politics are complex, divisive systems that often create religious, class, and caste divisions among people of different communities. They incite communal violence and create feelings of mistrust, fear, and hostility between people of various backgrounds. Effective governance and policies promoting equity, tolerance, and dialogue are essential to harnessing the potential benefits for society. The impact of communal politics on society can be both positive and


Does Communal Politics Benefit Society? Read More »

About New Generation’s Marriage: In contemporary times, the concept of marriage is undergoing significant changes. The new generation is more focused on their career goals. They prioritize their personal aspirations and give equal importance to their partner’s career aspirations. As a result, couple lives don’t fall into place as quickly as in previous generations, further delaying commitment. The new generation sees cohabitation primarily as a lifestyle choice, allowing them to


What does New Generation Want from Their Marriage? Read More »

Importance of using “I don’t know” In discussion If you lack knowledge on a specific topic in the discussion, saying “I don’t know” doesn’t mean you have to walk away with your head down. If you think you know everything, you will never achieve your goals. Acknowledging limitations and asking for help is a sign of strength and can pave the way for greater success. This can help you avoid


Why is it Better to Say in Discussion – I do not Know? Read More »

Lonely person: A loner is a person who prefers to be alone and avoids the company of others because of their will, personality, and temperament. They may have personal reasons for introversion, spirituality, and avoidance of social interaction. Despite the negative connotations sometimes attached to the word “lonely,” those who prefer solitude can live fulfilling lives and contribute to society in their own unique ways. Overall, while human connection is


What are the Benefits of Being Alone? Read More »

Universities offer various types of academic higher education. The purpose of higher education is to develop learning skills and knowledge. Higher education is not about acquiring certificates. Proper education and its implementation is the backbone of improving our behavior. Bangladesh’s higher education is lagging far behind international standards. No doubt – Bangladeshis have lost morality and momentum. It is essential to correct and improve it through proper education. Otherwise –


Why Quality of University Education in Bangladesh is Declining Drastically? Read More »

Bullying is an unwanted, repetitive act of aggression – which causes emotional and physical harm and creates an imbalance of emotional power towards the target. Bullying is purposefully intimidating another person. When a person is bullied, he/she feels scared – uncomfortable and helpless to defend himself. Bullying is wrong – so, everyone needs to work together to stop bullying. Ways to Deal With Bullying Effectively: To deal with bullying –


How to Deal with Bullying Effectively? Read More »

Community is a social groups of people living and working together in the same area – who share common cultural values. People help each other – learn lessons and solve problems together. Cultural and social relations – economic and environmental improvements lead to community well-being. Using available tools, support and practices makes the community stronger and more effective. We all need to care and work together to develop a legacy


How to Know About Community and Learn Lessons? Read More »

Importance of prospective business partners: Business partners act as complementary skills that can help create the necessary balance between your strengths and weaknesses. Potential partners where you have weaknesses can create dynamic synergies that move your business forward. Business expansion requires business partners who bring something different from you that benefits your business. Having a partner with complementary skills can help fill any gaps in your own skills and create


Why Partner is Important in Business? Read More »

Effective apology is accepting personal responsibility—explaining why the violation occurred and offering correction—so that the harm caused by the violation can be restored. Apology gives you a chance to express a sense of sanity — and hold yourself accountable for messing up. Ways to Make Apologize Effectively: Apology – An expression of regret and acknowledgment of a failure or offense to others. Apologies need to be sincere and be honest


How to Effectively Apologize to Others? Read More »

About Asking the Right Questions: Asking the right questions is critical to gaining a better understanding and knowledge of something. By asking the right questions, individuals can engage themselves and others, encourage critical thinking, and foster the development of unique perspectives. By asking the right questions, people can effectively take in and process information, leading to meaningful insights and discoveries. Overall, asking the right questions is a versatile and powerful


What are Benefits of Asking Right Questions? Read More »

Uncomfortable situation at work is a situation that worries and embarrasses us. Relationships between self and others lead to tense negative environments with new conflicts and disagreements. Although there are some things in uncomfortable situations that are beyond our control – there are many effective steps that can be taken to make ourselves feel better. Examples: Getting a rude email from a colleague is an uncomfortable situation. Ways to Feel


How to Manage Uncomfortable Situation in Work? Read More »

About Education: Objective of education is to facilitate the process of developing skills and acquiring knowledge that enables individuals to expand their understanding of the world around them. Education helps people think about how to act and what to learn. Education is not for obtaining certificates. Proper education and its implementation are the backbone of improving our behavior. Education is more than just acquiring information; It helps people think critically,

What is Your Opinion on the Objectives of Education? Read More »

Problems are unsolved tasks – considered situations that are difficult to deal with or control because of complexity and ambiguity. Relevant information needs to be collected to effectively solve problems. Steps to Identify Problem: Step 1 – Develop a problem statement by collecting data on possible causes and actions about the problem to clarify the cause of the problem. Step Two – Ask the following questions to find the root


How to Define and Identify Problem? Read More »

Expectations of employers from employees: When considering job candidates, employers typically look for a combination of relevant skills, experience, and personal qualities as well. Employers highly value these qualities, as they indicate the candidate’s work ethic, reliability, and overall suitability for the job. As a candidate, you must meet and satisfy the employer’s requirements to get a suitable job. By demonstrating value to potential employers, candidates can increase their chances


What Qualities does Employer Look for in a Job Seekers? Read More »

Progressive and crazy manager A progressive manager is someone who systematically gets a lot of free time after work and uses it to enjoy various activities outside of work. This can include hobbies, spending time with family and friends, or pursuing personal interests. He values work-life balance and understands the importance of taking time to recharge and rejuvenate. On the other hand, a crazy manager is described as chaotic and


What are the Qualities that Make a Manager Progressive or Crazy? Read More »

About Faithful: Faith is an invaluable trait that can influence every aspect of life. Faithfulness is evident when individuals live with honesty and integrity and always speak the truth. They are known for keeping their promises and following through on their commitments, even when faced with tough challenges. Through loyalty, they can build strong relationships and foster trust and respect. Moreover, they can contribute positive and harmonious characteristics to the

How to Know if Someone is Faithful? Read More »

Well-connected person controls anger – avoids excuses – helpful to others – willing to change – humble with family members, colleagues and others. Saying please and thank you – whenever possible – s/he gives others the same respect – which he wants to receive. Qualities of Well-Connected Person: Well-connected people show genuine interest in other people, including themselves. They are interested in knowing what the other person knows – that


What are the Qualities of Well-Connected Person? Read More »

Self-confidence is the quiet inner knowing within us. Self-confidence enables us to make decisions and communicate effectively with others. So – of course, we need to make efforts to improve self-confidence. Ways to Improve Self-Confidence: Preparation – A person who has confidence in his/her abilities can become better with better preparation. Practice – Very useful – highly recommended – because in addition to increasing confidence, it improves self-esteem. Acceptance –


How to Improve Self-Confidence in Life? Read More »

Flexibility is the ability to adapt thinking and attention to new or unexpected situations as the norms change. It starts with the way we think, helping us avoid getting stuck in just one way of doing things. Importance of Flexibility in Thinking: Flexible thinking is an essential social skill. Being flexible doesn’t mean being lazy or doing nothing. It helps people solve problems and try new ways of doing things.


Why Flexibility is Important to Thinking Practices? Read More »

Value of too much money in life: Money is the fuel of our lives, as it enables us to fulfill our basic needs and desires. However, too much money can sometimes lead to confusion and chaos. While money has value, it is essential to understand that its value is neither material nor spiritual. True and lasting happiness comes from within, not from the money one has. Money cannot buy happiness


Why Too Much Money Confuses Life? Read More »

Top performers go above and beyond the requirements of their roles in the workplace to achieve their goals. They regularly take on and complete more leadership and work tasks. These individuals are high achievers who understand the significance and impact of change. They take initiatives with a focus on not only delivering results but also maximizing the company’s profits. They are eager to drive the required business results, capable, and


How to Become Top Performer at Work? Read More »

Commitment is the act of tying one’s intelligence and emotions to the progress of the activity. Keeping commitment builds trust in relationships. Breaking Commitments brings disaster in life. Without commitment, you may begin to think of yourself as dishonest—which lowers your self-esteem and effectiveness. Ways to Keep Commitment: Wanting to do something and then doing it makes you trustworthy – thus increasing the value of keeping your commitment to others.


Why and How to Keep Commitment? Read More »

Nowadays, people are busy with their security and ability to live fear-free and fulfill their basic needs without others. We have to work patiently to get things right and effectively. Greed is a shortcut, and it ends in sin. Greed is not good at all for this world and the Hereafter. Most people want money as the first thing in life. In reality, however, more money creates confusion and conflict.


What do People Want in this World Nowadays? Read More »

Problem is the unsolved task. Problems are never solved alone – proactively find effective solutions – and work on them. Reasons Why the Problem Does Not Leave Some People: Some people – wanting to live with the crisis – prefer to wait for urgency and avoid essential tasks – so the problem never leaves them. Some people – don’t want to admit their mistakes – instead – they wait for


Why Problem does not Leave Some People? Read More »

Soft skills are the ability to learn and use knowledge to perform actions with specified results in effective execution within a limited time. Improving soft skills as interest is essential. Soft skills include personality traits that help us interact with others and be successful at home and work. Preferable Soft Skills: In my opinion, the most important soft skill is the ability to forgive oneself and others. It involves clearing


What New Soft skill Would You Prefer To Learn? Read More »

People often engage in extra activities outside their regular work to improve and develop themselves. Everyone in their work desires continuous growth and development. Since people perform various tasks in their daily work, it is essential to improve their work skills to carry out these activities more effectively. Ways to Improve Activities at Work: To improve activities at work, set the right expectations by setting milestones and targets. To improve


How To Improve Activities At Work? Read More »

Person who has sufficient skills, knowledge, training, and experience for the job – is called a qualified person. Qualified people can apply the knowledge learned in their careers or businesses effectively and efficiently. Qualities that Qualify a Person For Employment: Qualified person knows his limitations. Qualified person knows what he expects from himself. Qualified person know where to get positive help. Qualified person know how to work without instructions from


What Qualifies Person For Employment? Read More »

Success and failure are essential elements in our life. Success is the completion of the goal to achieve the intended result. On the other hand, failure is not getting the desired result. In short – success is what I achieve, but failure is what I allow to happen. Difference Between Success and Failure: Success: Success involves setting a goal, planning the steps necessary to achieve it, and executing it effectively.


What Are Success And Failure- How Do They Differ? Read More »



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