Personal Greatness Personal greatness results from inner strength, strong desire, and good intentions. When we possess personal greatness, we are better companions and better able to face life’s challenges. Achieving personal greatness requires a lifetime of honesty, reasonableness, and faithfulness. Personal greatness is essential to making the right decisions in life. Growing personal greatness requires dedication, persistence, and continuous self-improvement. By intentionally cultivating self-awareness, pursuing meaningful goals, and prioritizing wellness, […]


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Part time job Part time jobs offer flexibility, skill development, supplemental income, and various other benefits that can meet the needs and preferences of individuals at different stages of life and across career paths. They have become increasingly popular among people looking for flexibility or extra income. The ILO (International Labor Organization) defines part-time work as employment where regular hours are less than comparable full-time work, usually less than 30


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Coping with option challenges at work Handling situations professionally and diplomatically is essential when your options and ideas are challenged at work. Options give us the best opportunity but not the freedom or right to choose. Individuals can manage difficult choices within the company when they take responsibility for their comfort and focus their efforts on achieving organizational goals rather than solely on personal growth. Challenge is an obstacle that


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Second career may arise from evolving interests that motivate one to pursue a more enjoyable or exciting path while in his current job. A second career allows for exploring new interests, skills, or passions, leading to personal fulfillment, growth, and an expanded life path. Overall, a second career can serve as a great way to increase personal satisfaction and pave the way for a brighter future. Essential Things to Consider


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Option offers the best opportunity to choose but not the obligation. At the same time, the possibility is placed in an uncertain situation for a particular time. To me, the option is preferable to the possibility. The option is the freedom or right to choose when the possibility of what might happen or might not. Option and Possibility Option –Select one of the categories to choose between yes and no.


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Propaganda sells personal and political ideas and views to the public. Information used in propaganda is highly biased, misleading, possibly completely dishonest, and not pleasing to anyone. Propaganda is a powerful publicity tactic – maximizing one’s opportunities – even though they have no regard for the truth. Main Purpose of Propaganda: Propaganda aims to influence others to advance a dishonest agenda by actively influencing their own opinions or behavior. Propaganda


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People love to advise others even if they don’t usually follow it themselves. So, understand yourself well and know how to give good advice before recommending others. Therefore, before advising others, you must understand yourself well and learn how to give good advice. Remember – lousy, unwarranted advice does not work. Valuable ways to advise others: Ask yourself questions to understand other’s expectations: – Questions clarify what others want from


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About Public Awareness: Public awareness is an essential measure of how well individuals know about specific issues that affect society. It is vital to gain enthusiasm and support, encourage active participation and action, and leverage local knowledge and resources to address social challenges. Raising public awareness in society is the process of informing, educating, and involving many people to create a collective effort to achieve specific results within a particular


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Arrogance is a way of masking insecurities and low self-esteem. Arrogance increases a person’s sense of superiority – which increases his/her aggressiveness – pride, status and power – while putting others down. Low self-esteem, constant fear and feelings of insecurity make someone arrogant. Causes to become Arrogance: “I’m always right” – attitude and behavior makes someone arrogant. Excessive desire for praise and approval from others makes a person arrogant. Fear


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Taking ownership of work allows you to understand your role in the larger context of the organization and enables you to maximize your contribution. To own your responsibilities at work, you must understand your role, meet expectations, and take a genuine interest in your company’s success. Reasons Why to Develop a Sense of Ownership for Work: Motivate to Work Owning the workplace means taking the initiative to ask questions and


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About Personal Explanation: People often struggle with personal interpretation. Personal interpretations refer to how individuals perceive and understand their experiences, behaviors, motivations, and psychological issues related to their character. Life is full of uncertainty that often leaves people questioning themselves and their surroundings. To better understand personal interpretation, it is essential to take a step back, reflect, and evaluate where you currently stand in life, where you are going, and


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About Undesestimation: Underestimation is an assumption that is less than the actual answer to a problem, leading us to behave irrationally. Underestimating someone is perceiving another person as less powerful or less effective than oneself. This perception can be harmful, making the other person feel inferior and lacking respect and trust. When we underestimate someone, we fail to recognize their potential. To avoid underestimating others and to work collaboratively, it


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About “good to know”: “Good to Know” is a versatile expression used in different contexts to convey different meanings. Whether used sincerely or sarcastically, it’s a polite, polite, and positive way to acknowledge someone’s contribution to a conversation or express gratitude for sharing information. The phrase “Good to know” is a gentle way of thanking someone for letting them know about the information you provided. It is usually used when


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About Hatred and Depreciation: Hatred and devaluation are two distinct concepts, although they can sometimes be related. Aversion involves a strong negative emotional response to certain people, things, or ideas, often accompanied by feelings of anger, contempt, and dislike. It can lead to irrational behavior and negative actions. On the other hand, devaluation occurs when one assumes that another person is less powerful or less effective than oneself, which makes


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About Side Effects of Social Media: Social media is a valuable platform for sharing instant news and information and conducting business, providing us with a quick and easy way to connect with others, share information, and conduct business. However, the negative consequences of social media are becoming increasingly apparent, such as human isolation, addiction, mental illness, fraud, scams, and the spread of false information. Addressing the problems caused by social


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Trends of Today’s Bangladeshi Youth: Today’s youth in Bangladesh are increasingly facing the challenge of discovering self-independence at an early age due to an inappropriate environment. Unfortunately, lack of proper guidance and motivation from family, community, educational institutions, society, and the government leads the youth to uncertainty, despair, and confusion about their present and future life. As a result, the youth crime trend is increasing. Ethical, social, economic, and cultural


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Role of Teacher for Students: Teachers are an essential part of society as they play an important role in shaping students’ future. Teachers are responsible for imparting knowledge and advising, guiding, and advising students. They help students become well-rounded individuals by developing social, emotional, and intellectual skills. Teachers teach academic subjects and develop values ​​and principles that help students distinguish between right and wrong. They aim to produce responsible citizens


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About Teachers: Students respect teachers who are knowledgeable and skilled in their field of expertise. Teachers who provide their students with the valuable insights, practical skills, and guidance they need to succeed in their studies are more likely to gain respect from their students. In addition, teachers who display good behavior and behave consistently with their teaching may gain respect and admiration from their students. Reverence is a deep understanding


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Learning from mistakes Mistakes are the result of actions that are not right or intended. It may be due to faulty judgment, insufficient knowledge, or carelessness. It is important to remember that everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Mistakes are caused by doing something incorrectly or wrongly. Mistakes can happen accidentally, like when we slip up or miscalculate. In short, mistakes are an inevitable part of life, and it


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Contribution of experience Experiences play an essential role in shaping our life identity, beliefs and world view. They contribute to our personal growth and development. Everyone has to learn and experience something to survive. What you know and what you feel determines your success or failure in life. Therefore, it is essential to experience as much as possible to live a fulfilled life. Whether personal or professional, what we know


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Desired Life Desired life is to be complete, satisfied, and happy. Achieving the life you desire is a journey rather than a destination. However, often, people try to change their results by changing their actions rather than their mindset. This creates more resistance and tension, like swimming against the current. The procedure can create additional resistance and tension, like swimming against the current. Therefore, by understanding the importance of changing


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Action is a physical activity – whereas, thinking is a mental activity. Thinking gives objective ideas – but action can lead to practical decisions. Dreams will remain dreams and will not come true – unless they are implemented. A balance between thought and action is essential to be happy in life. Actions are more important than thoughts. Let’s say – you are thinking about getting food, but you are not


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Knowledge and experience are synonymous—however, knowledge emphasizes theory—whereas experience emphasizes observation and practice. Knowledge tells what you can do and experience tells you what you must do. Difference Between Knowledge and Experience : Knowledge: Knowledge is the collection of information, and the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject acquired through education. Knowledge affects how we understand sensory input. Knowledge is needed to expand experience. But, a person with vast


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Get person talk about himself’herself is not an easy task. Ask questions to discover what the person wants most. To get specific answers to your questions – use the 5Ws:- What? who When? Where? Why? Also you can use, how? Get additional information about the person. Ways to Get Person Talking About Himself/Herself: Be genuinely interested in people’s aspirations – each person likes to talk about their personal problems, interests


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Communal Politics in Society: Communal politics are complex, divisive systems that often create religious, class, and caste divisions among people of different communities. They incite communal violence and create feelings of mistrust, fear, and hostility between people of various backgrounds. Effective governance and policies promoting equity, tolerance, and dialogue are essential to harnessing the potential benefits for society. The impact of communal politics on society can be both positive and


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About New Generation’s Marriage: In contemporary times, the concept of marriage is undergoing significant changes. The new generation is more focused on their career goals. They prioritize their personal aspirations and give equal importance to their partner’s career aspirations. As a result, couple lives don’t fall into place as quickly as in previous generations, further delaying commitment. The new generation sees cohabitation primarily as a lifestyle choice, allowing them to


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Profit and Greed: Profit is the surplus financial gain generated from an activity after accounting for all associated costs. Sometimes, people develop an excessive desire for material gain and become obsessed, known as greed. Making money and gaining status and power can lead to unethical practices and negative consequences. Turning profit into greed is a personal motivation involving psychological, social values, moral behavior, and cultural factors. Greed is an evil


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Guiding, instructing, and controlling children is what parents know is best for children—in a word, making children happy. When children are happy – they are happy to do what you want them to do. Creating happy, prosperous children is about more than money and material possessions. Guidance, Direction and Control that Make Children Happy: Give children your full and undivided attention. Lack of attention makes children feel unwanted. Praise children


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Admit and Correct Mistakes Admitting and correcting mistakes is not a sign of weakness but a display of strength, maturity, and commitment to self-improvement and excellence. Admitting mistakes builds trust and shows honesty. When a person is aware of a mistake, he is in a position to learn from it. Become more confident, admit mistakes, own mistakes, and correct them. Therefore, mistakes must be taken as learning opportunities, and self-reflection


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Importance of using “I don’t know” In discussion If you lack knowledge on a specific topic in the discussion, saying “I don’t know” doesn’t mean you have to walk away with your head down. If you think you know everything, you will never achieve your goals. Acknowledging limitations and asking for help is a sign of strength and can pave the way for greater success. This can help you avoid


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Lonely person: A loner is a person who prefers to be alone and avoids the company of others because of their will, personality, and temperament. They may have personal reasons for introversion, spirituality, and avoidance of social interaction. Despite the negative connotations sometimes attached to the word “lonely,” those who prefer solitude can live fulfilling lives and contribute to society in their own unique ways. Overall, while human connection is


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Parents dedicate their lives to the welfare of their children. Nurturing – educating children – so that children can grow up to be good citizens and assets to the family and society. So – children respect – admire – and loving parents. Reasons to Respect Parents: Parents are the most respected person in this world after Allah. Parents may be angry with their children for doing bad things – but,


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Marriage is a blessing and union between two people – who want to spend the rest of their lives together. Marriage is a social, legal contract – a commitment between spouses – that they want to live together with emotional, sexual satisfaction. Love each other to produce children. Marriage is a joyful experience – where spouses create an environment of love, romance, affection, devotion, trust and understanding. To keep the


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Social moral judgment is important – but – resolving conflicting loyalties and problematic issues on a daily basis is no small task. The use of social moral judgments facilitates benefits in terms of confidence, progress, optimism, consistency, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. Social moral judgment – helps evaluate situations, courses of action, individuals, behavior and public relations to gain credibility. Example: When people say that – the action is right or wrong,


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Social moral judgments are generally the interaction of situational factors and individual characteristics that lead people to engage in certain behaviors and make certain decisions. Benefits of  Social Moral Judgement: Social moral judgment gives us the tools we need to take action—but not always in our own interest. As we grow up, our morals should also be developed for human welfare. Social moral judgment – helps avoid unethical behavior, usually


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Generation gap gap is a difference in opinion between one generation and another – which creates conflict, frustration and complicates communication. Generation gap occurs – when the younger generation goes against the beliefs, values, attitudes and actions of their parents including their elders. We must all work together to minimize generation gap. Ways to Minimize Generation Gap: Elders, including parents, must hold the past in one hand and reach for


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Follow is to take advantage of others – to assume the judgment of others – to act according to the dictates of others at the expense of one’s own intelligence, faith. Whereas, imitation is the copying of another person – the person imitates and uses as one’s own with some modifications. In my opinion – imitation is more beneficial than follow someone. Reasons Why Imitation is Useful: Imitation – acts


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Religion & Human Deeds Religion is an organized collection of beliefs about Allah/God and guidance for humanity. It is a matter of belief based on faith rather than scientific evidence. Religion is the moral and social values that govern people’s actions and behavior, in addition to the observance of devotional rituals. We are fully responsible and accountable for our actions on earth, not religion. Religion encompasses moral and social values,


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Guidance and instructions are not the same. Guidance is advice – giving directions – how to deal with problem solving and moving forward in a positive way – but, instructions are telling someone how to do something. Reasons Why Guidance is Preferable: In my opinion guidance is better than instructions. Because, mentoring provides an opportunity to consider others’ strengths, temperament, skills, development, and family culture. Guidance helps to creatively solve problems


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Comment – A statement a person makes about an event or thing—expressing his opinion and explaining it without analysis. Comment is considered an explanation of an object’s already written text or event. Comment is a subjective statement and not based on any facts or evidence. Reasons for Commenting on Others: Self-satisfied and happy people make good comments about others to encourage them. Some people are insecure about themselves- so, make


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Disagreement – A situation where people lack the same opinion – consensus or approval. Adults and teenagers have differences of opinion – which both need to understand, respect and agree on. Ways to Reduce Disagreement Between Adults and Teenagers: In adult-teenager relationships – adults have years of experience and the quality of reasoning – which teenagers need to respect and agree with. Then the disagreement will be reduced and the


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Guidance – Gives children opportunities to develop strengths, temperaments, skills and consider family culture. Instruction determines your approach and strategies to support and influence children’s behavior. Guidance uses words and actions that positively influence children’s behavior. Children find acceptance as worthy individuals. Benefits of Guidance to Children: Guidance is not punishment – nor is it about controlling and intimidating children. It is about creating the mental, physical, and social environment


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Help and guidance are not the same. Help is the act of supporting something. But, guidance is advice, direction, which indicates – how to solve a problem and move forward in a positive way. Guidance should be preferred – because it gives what is needed to complete the task satisfactorily. Difference Between Help and Guidance: Help – is doing something that makes it easier for someone to do something. Help


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Mastermind group combines knowledge and efforts of two or more people working toward specific objectives in a spirit of harmony. To sharpen skills – Mastermind groups are used for brainstorming, learning, accountability, and support. Purpose of having like-minded people in groups is to support continued thinking about a topic without losing interest. Mastermind groups are not psychological support groups—structured groups—made up of like-minded people who have similar goals. Qualities of


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Parents are role models for their children. Balanced child upbringing is the care and education provided by parents – which guides children to be good human beings, citizens, assets to the family, society and country. Children learn positive life lessons about how to cope if their parents are able to handle everyday easy and difficult times well. Because children learn by watching. Things to Do by Parents for Children’s Upbringing:


What should be done to Upbringing Children? Read More »

About Sin Sins are acts that include lying, disobedience, rebellion, anarchy, and lawlessness. These actions create a lack of faith in Allah, oneself, and others, displease Allah and other people, and make us guilty. Sin separates us from God and those we love and from the source of true life. Sin reflects humanity’s ongoing struggle with moral dilemmas, ethical choices, and the quest for spiritual integrity and righteousness. It is


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Performance Counseling  refers to helping employees – objectively analyze their strengths and weaknesses – and suggesting improvements to their weaknesses by managers. Management involves “getting results” – meaning performance counseling to manage all people on the team to the highest performance level – where they are capable. Performance Counseling Impact at Work: Performance Counseling – Encourages team members to explore, identify and own their performance, strengths and weaknesses. Performance Counseling


Why should Performance Counseling be Conducted at Work? Read More »

Guessing someone is similar to something unknown. A hypothesis is something you assume as a scenario – even without evidence. Playing with the unknown can be very dangerous. Making assumptions can lead you to some real problems with others. Therefore, making assumptions about the person should be avoided. Example: My parents never understood my preferences – so I assumed – they didn’t love me. I assumed – the girl is


Why Guessing About the Person Should be Avoided? Read More »

Options—the opportunity and ability to choose something between two or more things—encourage the adoption of the best. Example: Basic computer training can help you. The options are- (i) Internal course within three months. (ii) External course within one month. (iii) Spend the time now with Maury, who knows the computer system well. Options Advantages: Alternatives are the best and softest way to offer and encourage people. Options do not have


Why Options Encourage a Person? Read More »

About Asking the Right Questions: Asking the right questions is critical to gaining a better understanding and knowledge of something. By asking the right questions, individuals can engage themselves and others, encourage critical thinking, and foster the development of unique perspectives. By asking the right questions, people can effectively take in and process information, leading to meaningful insights and discoveries. Overall, asking the right questions is a versatile and powerful


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Taking responsibility increases team members’ decision-making – motivation and work performance. Taking responsibility also increases the employee’s chances of improvement. Advantages of Taking Responsibility for Team Members: Taking on responsibility – motivates members to improve their skills and be ready to take on greater responsibility. Taking responsibility – encourages the member to understand and influence his work. Involvement of team members at work increases their enthusiasm, initiative and chances of


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By delegating tasks – managers can avoid over-stressing tasks and spend more time on management activities. Delegation of responsibility – encourages team members to understand and influence their work. Managerial responsibilities are important to survive, advance, develop the organization, and prepare for promotion. Consideration of Delegate Task: Delegating responsibility allows for choosing the right person and task. Trusting the person in charge and making arrangements to give the necessary authority.


What should Manager Consider Before Delegate Task ? Read More »

Experience is the knowledge or skill in a particular job or activity – that you have acquired – because you have been doing that job or activity for a long time. The purpose of work experience is to improve employability. Experience Benefits: Work experience Collaborates cross-functionally between facilities, IT, and HR teams. Work experience helps in improving productivity and management qualities. Workplace Experience – Assists in involvement with hiring committees,


How does Experience Help at the Workplace? Read More »

Asking questions – important for understanding and learning. Asking a question means wanting to know more information about something and answering a question is providing information. In fact, we should encourage questioning – which helps to understand the problem. Questions help you create better solutions to the challenges you face. Benefits of asking questions: Questions – remove confusion. Questions – help in acquiring knowledge. Questions – helps to reach a


Why is it Necessary to Encourage Questioning? Read More »

About Education: Objective of education is to facilitate the process of developing skills and acquiring knowledge that enables individuals to expand their understanding of the world around them. Education helps people think about how to act and what to learn. Education is not for obtaining certificates. Proper education and its implementation are the backbone of improving our behavior. Education is more than just acquiring information; It helps people think critically,

What is Your Opinion on the Objectives of Education? Read More »

Creative decision refers to a decision – using an idea for which no purpose has yet been determined. Thus, creative decision-making is a unique way to solve problems in new ways by considering all perspectives. Creative Decision Making – Establishes new alternatives – including new processes – proposes a method that helps individuals, and businesses discover new products or services. Importance of Creative Decision: Creative decision-making encourages unique approach ideas,


What is Creative Decision Making–Why is it Important? Read More »

About Faithful: Faith is an invaluable trait that can influence every aspect of life. Faithfulness is evident when individuals live with honesty and integrity and always speak the truth. They are known for keeping their promises and following through on their commitments, even when faced with tough challenges. Through loyalty, they can build strong relationships and foster trust and respect. Moreover, they can contribute positive and harmonious characteristics to the

How to Know if Someone is Faithful? Read More »

Social space is an environment of physical or virtual relationships with an unlimited range of objects and events developed socially by the discussion group. Eg – social hub, online social media gathering place – where people gather and interact. Ways to improve communication skills in social space: Discussion in social places – people like to talk about their work, hobbies, etc., and you can improve yourself by sharing your hobbies,


How to Improve Communication Skills in Social Space? Read More »

Respect is something that is not automatically given. Respect must be earned. A respected person has some unique and unifying quality – so others respect him. Respectable person not only respects himself but also respects others with whom he lives. You will also be respected if you live around others and earn their trust and respect. Qualities of “Respected” Person: Courteous behavior: Respectful person is courteous to family members, co-workers,


What are the Qualities of Respected Person? Read More »

Zero-tolerance policy implies that any rule violation is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This approach prioritizes mandatory punishments instead of considering the consequences of the violation. Unfortunately, such a policy can escalate minor issues into severe problems and result in unfairly harsh punishments. Zero Tolerance has Two Objections: First Objection: – Zero-tolerance encourages harsh punishment – Politically sanctioned – Punishment is ignored or pardoned for high-achieving individuals or some


Can Zero Tolerance Policy keep Society Safe? Read More »

Value of too much money in life: Money is the fuel of our lives, as it enables us to fulfill our basic needs and desires. However, too much money can sometimes lead to confusion and chaos. While money has value, it is essential to understand that its value is neither material nor spiritual. True and lasting happiness comes from within, not from the money one has. Money cannot buy happiness


Why Too Much Money Confuses Life? Read More »

“Brain Drain” refers to the migration of skilled and intellectual people from their home countries to other countries for better living standards, higher-paying jobs, and better access to technology. Unfortunately, the brain drain limits Bangladesh’s growth potential as many skilled workers and intellectuals leave the country due to better political conditions and job opportunities in other countries. Causes of Brain Drain from Bangladesh: Many talented individuals from developing countries travel

What are Main Causes of Brain Drain from Bangladesh? Read More »

Toxic sentences block progress, turn conversations into arguments, escalate emotions to uncontrollable levels, and interfere with success. Toxic words make people angry or frustrated, causing them to lose their temper and become defensive. It is better to avoid using poisonous language during statements and discussions. Example: Bangladesh Government – Adopts ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy against drugs and corruption – because the government wants to take foolproof measures. Reasons Why Toxic Sentences


Why Toxic Sentences Hamper Success? Read More »

Asking questions triggers our brains to seek solutions and focus on positive and valuable aspects. It’s a natural human desire to progress, and questioning is a powerful tool. By asking questions, we signal our brain to expand and find ways to be more successful. Success can be measured differently, but using our brains to seek solutions is a surefire sign of progress. Open-ended Question: Prevent judgments based on assumptions, which


Why are Open-ended Questions Better than Close-ended? Read More »

Knowledge is power – Only knowledge in this world increases value even when shared with others. Without knowledge, no person can thrive in life. Knowledge sharing is an activity through which people exchange information, skills, and abilities among friends, colleagues, family, organizations, communities, and society. So – sharing knowledge with others is essential. Positive Effects of Sharing Knowledge in Society: Through knowledge-sharing in society, individuals can learn from each other’s


What are Positive Effects of Sharing Knowledge in Society? Read More »

People need people. Having strong relationships with family and friends has long been recognized as an essential part of a happy and healthy life. By interacting with them we learn social norms, develop empathy and form our perspectives on various issues. Support, encouragement from family and friends greatly influences our decision-making and overall well-being. However, – family is more important than friends. Family and friends are essential for proper socialization


Which one is More Important-Family or Friends? Read More »

Inspiration is a mentally stimulating idea, the stimulus that encourages someone to start something creative. Inspiration can come from you, someone, or something that inspires you. Inspiration instills a sense of optimism, resilience, and individuality. Reasons Why Inspiration Matters to Us: Inspiration stimulates new possibilities by allowing oneself to experience and overcome limitations. Inspiration pushes a person from indifference to potential – and realizes one’s potential. Inspiration is the starting


Why Inspiration Matters to Us? Read More »

Failure is a state of living and working that does not meet the goals we strive for. Failure is an attempt or commitment that ends with a lack of success. Failure gives us physical and mental stress. For success, we need to work on defining the reasons for failure. Leading Causes of Failure in Life: The root cause of failure is trying to please everyone. Lack of persistence is a


What are Main Causes of Failure in Life? Read More »

Traditional values collectively represent modesty, self-restraint, preservation of habits, protection, and stability. On the other hand – modern values represent the motivation to achieve success, influence others, and be self-satisfied. Traditional values Example: Know your duty and do it. Be aware of other people; courtesy and respect elders. Modern Values Example: Freedom of thought and expression and the right to education for everyone. Easy acceptance between people, cultures, and lifestyles.


How to Distinguish Between Traditional and Modern Values? Read More »

Creative Manager is responsible for leading a team and executing projects with a cohesive style. They have the ability to turn ideas into reality and bring a project to life. Creativity is the process of generating new ideas and practical possibilities in problem-solving. This involves two processes – the first step is to develop new ideas, and the second is to evaluate and refine those ideas to create a workable


What Makes a Good Creative Manager? Read More »

Constructive feedback is an effective way to encourage team members to work collaboratively at work. It motivates the team and helps them achieve their goals by providing developmental feedback that keeps them on track. Constructive feedback is supportive and helps team members identify solutions to areas of weakness. It is an essential component in achieving success as a team. Ways to Give Constructive Feeback at Work: Use constructive feedback to


In What Ways Can Constructive Feedback Help Team At Work? Read More »

Thinking is the mental process used to manage information, observe, analyze, interpret, evaluate, infer, problem-solve, and manipulate decision-making. Difference Between Good and Bad Thinking: Good Thinking –  helps develop inner peace, success, better relationships, better health, happiness, and personal satisfaction. Good thinking—considering possible scenarios—and raising expectations. Good thinking—working with cause and effect—leading to logical, constructive planning—creates inner peace. Encourages us to forgive—not retaliate. Example: – The last job interview went


What Is The Difference Between Good And Bad Thinking? Read More »

Managers managing people are responsible for motivating and motivating them. The manager leads the team, helps it grow, and oversees it with specific goals for each situation. The good qualities of the manager are essential to the organization. Managers need the willingness – and experience – to analyze personal – professional needs and progress. Qualities of Good Managers: Managers constantly adapt to new situations – encouraging the team to reach


What Are The Qualities Of Good Managers? Read More »

Success and failure are essential elements in our life. Success is the completion of the goal to achieve the intended result. On the other hand, failure is not getting the desired result. In short – success is what I achieve, but failure is what I allow to happen. Difference Between Success and Failure: Success: Success involves setting a goal, planning the steps necessary to achieve it, and executing it effectively.


What Are Success And Failure- How Do They Differ? Read More »



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