Meaning of Modern Society: Modern societies are said to be materialistic, where individuals generally produce goods for commercial purposes rather than self-sufficiency. This shift reduced reliance on private production, as people often procured goods from markets rather than growing crops or raising livestock. Society industrializes and emphasizes quality education for all. Society constantly evolves due to advances in education, technology, industry, and urbanization. Culture is becoming more complex and multifaceted […]


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Personal Greatness Personal greatness results from inner strength, strong desire, and good intentions. When we possess personal greatness, we are better companions and better able to face life’s challenges. Achieving personal greatness requires a lifetime of honesty, reasonableness, and faithfulness. Personal greatness is essential to making the right decisions in life. Growing personal greatness requires dedication, persistence, and continuous self-improvement. By intentionally cultivating self-awareness, pursuing meaningful goals, and prioritizing wellness,


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Personal life is full of activities that contribute to a lifetime. Focused people focus on something specific. The goals that a focused person sets for themselves are always very clear, objective and realistic. You too have the right to choose a life with focus. Qualities of Focused Person:  Focused person always has a plan to follow his/her thoughts. S/he has a clear picture of where as s/he is going and


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About Sarcastic Sarcastic is a form of humor that often involves expressing disapproval or contempt in a way that seems to mean the opposite of what is being said. It is commonly used to mock or insult someone, and people on the receiving end of sarcasm may not feel comfortable or safe around the person using it, especially if that person is a friend or family member. Learning how to


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Coping with option challenges at work Handling situations professionally and diplomatically is essential when your options and ideas are challenged at work. Options give us the best opportunity but not the freedom or right to choose. Individuals can manage difficult choices within the company when they take responsibility for their comfort and focus their efforts on achieving organizational goals rather than solely on personal growth. Challenge is an obstacle that


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Success is achieving the goal of helping yourself and others live better, happier, healthier lives. Successful people have confidence, security, a sense of well-being, the ability to contribute on a larger scale, hope, and leadership. Individuals set predetermined standards for themselves and are considered successful when they meet those standards. Many people work hard to succeed, but over time, they may wonder if they have genuinely succeeded and what that


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Practicing Halal and Haram Nowadays In Islamic law, halal refers to things considered permissible, clean, and pure, such as eating, using, or doing certain things. Haram relates to things that are considered unacceptable and forbidden in Islamic law, including all actions of a Muslim, including eating. It is the responsibility of each person to make the necessary corrections on his or her own without following the halal and haram restrictions


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About difficult situation: Difficult situations can be challenging and stressful both in life and at work. The first step to successfully navigating challenging situations is to identify the factors that may be contributing to the problem. Contributing factors to the problem may require adjusting the approach to achieve the best possible outcome. It may also need a willingness to be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances or unexpected challenges. Sometimes,


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Lateness to work Shows a lack of productivity and a lack of respect for time. Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where you cannot avoid being late for work. However, self-discipline is necessary to prevent lateness at work.  Ways to Avoid Late at Work and Manage Boss: Be responsible for being late to the office. Apologize and act responsibly. Show your confidence and maturity. Even if your boss is


How to Manage Boss if You are Late to Work? Read More »

About Innocent and Niave people: “Innocent” and “Naive” are often used interchangeably but have different meanings. Innocent refers to a person who is free from guilt and wrongdoing, has no intention of harming others, and has not been the victim of any injustice. On the other hand, Naive describes an inexperienced person whose understanding lacks sophistication and knowledge. They have no cunning or treacherous thoughts. Awareness of these differences is


Are there Differences Between Innocent and Naive People? Read More »

About Personal Strengths: Developing personal strengths involves a combination of self-awareness, deliberate practice, and continuous learning. To excel and succeed in life, we need to know our strengths and put them to work. Focusing on our weaknesses can only lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. One way to identify our strengths is to look inward and analyze our own behavior patterns. Energy should be reflected in activities that we enjoy and


What are Some Ways to Enhance Personal Strengths? Read More »

About Work Relationship: Demonstrating good working relationships in the workplace is crucial to fostering a positive and productive environment. By consistently demonstrating these qualities and behaviors, individuals can develop and maintain good working relationships with colleagues. The relationship contributes to a more cohesive and collaborative work environment, ultimately increasing productivity and job satisfaction for everyone involved. Today’s organizations depend on trust. This belief does not mean that employees have to


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About Personal Explanation: People often struggle with personal interpretation. Personal interpretations refer to how individuals perceive and understand their experiences, behaviors, motivations, and psychological issues related to their character. Life is full of uncertainty that often leaves people questioning themselves and their surroundings. To better understand personal interpretation, it is essential to take a step back, reflect, and evaluate where you currently stand in life, where you are going, and


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Crisis in Personal Life of Bangladeshis: Personal crisis is used to describe an individual’s internal confusion and anxiety. This can occur when their previously successful coping mechanisms become ineffective, leading to ineffective decision-making and behavior. A personal crisis can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as life changes, traumatic events or chronic stress. It is characterized by a state of inner turmoil and emotional distress, which can lead


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Networking at work Networking in the workplace offers many benefits, both professionally and personally. It’s not just about meeting new people but also about maintaining existing relationships. These essential skills allow individuals to connect with others personally and professionally and support career growth and development. Actively networking at work is vital in today’s competitive work environment. This allows individuals to improve their communication skills and enhance their career opportunities by


What are the Benefits of Networking at Work? Read More »

About Greed Greed is an excessive and selfish desire that encourages individuals to accumulate wealth beyond what is necessary for their basic needs. A healthy desire for financial stability is essential for a comfortable lifestyle. Greed is good for the individual but can harm others and society. So, it is necessary to avoid such tendencies. However, greed can lead to negative consequences. Greed can make a person preoccupied with status


What are the Problems with Greed? Read More »

Regaining control and confidence in life can lead to success and happiness. Research suggests that having a positive self-image and mindset can reduce the risk of developing depression. Learning how to use information and tools is essential to avoid feeling overwhelmed. By staying engaged and proactive, problems can be solved more effectively. Tips for Rebuilding Confidence and Taking Control of Your Life: Focus on what’s important to release yourself from


How Do You Regain Control and Confidence in Life? Read More »

Shortened Memory Duration Memory duration is an important cognitive ability that enables individuals to concentrate on a specific task or topic without losing focus. Recognizing that memory is a complex process influenced by various internal and external factors is essential. Improving focus, managing stress, getting enough sleep, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can alleviate memory problems and help overall cognitive function. In today’s fast-paced world, understanding and increasing memory duration


Why is Human Memory Duration Drastically Shortened? Read More »

Mistakes and intelligence Yes, learning from mistakes can contribute significantly to a person’s overall growth and development, including intellectual growth. Intelligence is not only about innate ability or knowledge but also involves the ability to adapt, solve problems, and learn from experience. Mistakes build critical thinking, problem-solving skills, resilience, creativity, adaptability, and self-awareness. Learning from our own and others’ mistakes makes us more experienced and wiser. Smart people learn from


Does Learning From Mistakes Make People Intelligent? Read More »

About Hatred and Depreciation: Hatred and devaluation are two distinct concepts, although they can sometimes be related. Aversion involves a strong negative emotional response to certain people, things, or ideas, often accompanied by feelings of anger, contempt, and dislike. It can lead to irrational behavior and negative actions. On the other hand, devaluation occurs when one assumes that another person is less powerful or less effective than oneself, which makes


Are Hatred and Underestimation Same Thing? Read More »

Key Factors to Success Success in life is a multifaceted concept; the combination of factors and actions that constitute success can vary significantly from one person to another. By taking proactive steps, focusing on your goals, and persevering in the face of challenges, you can increase your chances of success in your endeavors. Remember that success is a journey rather than a destination; every step brings you closer to your


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Knowing about the darkness of the mind is about being aware of one’s weaknesses and character flaws which helps one better understand one’s own and other people’s faults. Avoiding facing the darkness is nothing more than an illusion created by one’s mind. The more you understand the darkness in your mind, the more you will discard it. So, why not explore the cause of the darkness of the mind, and


Why Darkness is Growing in Minds of Bangladeshis? Read More »

Excessive Expectations Excessive expectations harm happiness and change our lives emotionally and physically. However, too many expectations can make us excited and exaggerated. The road ahead opens when we learn to let go of unrealistic expectations. A path full of new possibilities awaits us. While expectations can help motivate us toward our goals, unrealistic or excessive expectations can have negative consequences. It can make us feel frustrated and unhappy. To


Why Excessive Expectations Harm Happiness? Read More »

Couples Anxiety about in-laws: Married people are often worried about their relationship with their in-laws. Marriage involves adjusting to your partner and trying to establish a positive relationship with the in-laws, adapting to the partner’s habits and preferences, and building a positive relationship with their family. It’s important to understand that every family is different, and what works for one may not work for another. Therefore, it is essential to


Why In-laws are a Common Source of Anxiety for Married Couples? Read More »

Trends of Today’s Bangladeshi Youth: Today’s youth in Bangladesh are increasingly facing the challenge of discovering self-independence at an early age due to an inappropriate environment. Unfortunately, lack of proper guidance and motivation from family, community, educational institutions, society, and the government leads the youth to uncertainty, despair, and confusion about their present and future life. As a result, the youth crime trend is increasing. Ethical, social, economic, and cultural


Why is Crime Tendency of Young People in Bangladesh Increasing? Read More »

Learning from mistakes Mistakes are the result of actions that are not right or intended. It may be due to faulty judgment, insufficient knowledge, or carelessness. It is important to remember that everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Mistakes are caused by doing something incorrectly or wrongly. Mistakes can happen accidentally, like when we slip up or miscalculate. In short, mistakes are an inevitable part of life, and it


What to Learn From Your Mistakes? Read More »

About Stable Life: Stable life is a belief in being happy and content with what one has in everyday life. This does not mean one is reluctant to explore and implement new opportunities. Stability can mean different things to different people—for some, it may be financial security, and for others, it may mean a successful career. A stable life requires managing one’s emotions, maintaining healthy relationships, and developing a sense


What are Advantages of Stable Life? Read More »

About Investigative Committees: Investigative Committees conduct systematic inquiries, thorough observations, and comprehensive investigations of matters under their jurisdiction. The higher authorities delegate the power and responsibility to form inquiry committees to investigate allegations of rule violations. In Bangladesh, the Investigative Committee is supposed to play an essential role in various areas, especially in ensuring accountability, transparency, and justice. It is usually formed to investigate specific incidents, complaints, or matters of


What is the Role of Investigation Committee in Bangladesh? Read More »

About Getting Rich: “Rich people” are those who desire and consider themselves to possess large amounts of material possessions, wealth, and money beyond their basic needs and wants. Such people often prioritize the acquisition of luxury goods and services. They are willing to go to great lengths to accumulate more money and wealth, even at the expense of others. Being rich is not just about having a certain amount of


What are the Downsides of Being Rich? Read More »

Mindset growth is the exploration of the inner mind in ways of thinking—ways of acting—and enjoying life to the fullest. Mindset growth is the process of constantly learning new information that you can apply to reach your goals. A growth mindset is a powerful mind that can create new dreams, ideas, new possibilities for you. Growth mindset prepares you for opportunities and allows you to fail. Success comes when you


How to Develop Success Mindset? Read More »

Communal Politics in Society: Communal politics are complex, divisive systems that often create religious, class, and caste divisions among people of different communities. They incite communal violence and create feelings of mistrust, fear, and hostility between people of various backgrounds. Effective governance and policies promoting equity, tolerance, and dialogue are essential to harnessing the potential benefits for society. The impact of communal politics on society can be both positive and


Does Communal Politics Benefit Society? Read More »

Religion in General: In general, religion is a collection of belief systems that affirm the interchangeability of mind, relating humanity to spirituality and moral values. Through religion, it is possible to live in this world in a correct, beautiful, and peaceful way by expressing the thoughts and experiences of people along with the concept of natural and supernatural reality. Religion is a socio-cultural system encompassing various behaviors and practices, moral


What is a Religion in General? Read More »

Profit and Greed: Profit is the surplus financial gain generated from an activity after accounting for all associated costs. Sometimes, people develop an excessive desire for material gain and become obsessed, known as greed. Making money and gaining status and power can lead to unethical practices and negative consequences. Turning profit into greed is a personal motivation involving psychological, social values, moral behavior, and cultural factors. Greed is an evil


How does Profit Turn into Greed? Read More »

Dignity Dignity encompasses the individual’s fundamental right to be treated with respect, fairness, and compassion. If the demands of dignity are not met, people become inferior. Dignity affects our interactions with others, attitudes, behavior, and values and is a guiding principle to encourage respect, equality, and compassion. Dignity is an essential concept at the core of the framework of human rights, self-respect, values, and moral principles. Respect is the feeling


Dignity is an Important Concept, but What Does it Actually Mean? Read More »

Business partnerships – start with high expectations. It is important to know as much as possible about the potential business partner before signing the contract. Business partners join your business with knowledge, skills, and money, which help grow your business. Choosing the right business partner is essential. Consider the Following Factors When Selecting Compatible Business Partners: Is your compatible business partner’s commitment to business as strong as yours? Commitment of


What are the Factors to Consider When Selecting Compatible Business Partner? Read More »

Cheater’s Mentality Cheaters are unfaithful and disloyal, even within a committed relationship. Manipulates and has zero empathy and remorse for their effect on others. Cheaters become mentally weak, and people hate them. As a result, they become isolated from family and society. Cheating is breaking a promise or betraying someone’s trust through cunning deception. It can arise from various factors, including personal morality, situational pressures, social influences, or individual psychological


Why are Cheaters Mentally Weak? Read More »

Announce – A spoken or written statement that gives people specific information about something – that has a specific purpose. Refrain from declaring an intention – whenever you need to. It makes you selfish- not liked by others. Adverse Effects of Just Announcement: When you ask without thinking about what you’ve done for people or without context – people think you’re forcing something on them. Just by announcing your need,


Whenever Something is Needed-Why not Just Announce it? Read More »

“Don’t take it personally.” Statement: Responding to a “don’t take it personally” statement involves remaining calm and considering the intent behind the comment without being defensive. Take a moment to find out if the person is trying to provide constructive criticism or just saying it out of frustration. This may include asking for clarification, thanking the person for their feedback, or simply acknowledging their statement and moving on. By focusing


How to Respond to the Statement “Do not Take it Personally”? Read More »

Flexibility is the ability to adapt thinking and attention to new or unexpected situations as the norms change. It starts with the way we think, helping us avoid getting stuck in just one way of doing things. Importance of Flexibility in Thinking: Flexible thinking is an essential social skill. Being flexible doesn’t mean being lazy or doing nothing. It helps people solve problems and try new ways of doing things.


Why Flexibility is Important to Thinking Practices? Read More »

Zero-tolerance policy implies that any rule violation is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This approach prioritizes mandatory punishments instead of considering the consequences of the violation. Unfortunately, such a policy can escalate minor issues into severe problems and result in unfairly harsh punishments. Zero Tolerance has Two Objections: First Objection: – Zero-tolerance encourages harsh punishment – Politically sanctioned – Punishment is ignored or pardoned for high-achieving individuals or some


Can Zero Tolerance Policy keep Society Safe? Read More »

Value of too much money in life: Money is the fuel of our lives, as it enables us to fulfill our basic needs and desires. However, too much money can sometimes lead to confusion and chaos. While money has value, it is essential to understand that its value is neither material nor spiritual. True and lasting happiness comes from within, not from the money one has. Money cannot buy happiness


Why Too Much Money Confuses Life? Read More »

“Brain Drain” refers to the migration of skilled and intellectual people from their home countries to other countries for better living standards, higher-paying jobs, and better access to technology. Unfortunately, the brain drain limits Bangladesh’s growth potential as many skilled workers and intellectuals leave the country due to better political conditions and job opportunities in other countries. Causes of Brain Drain from Bangladesh: Many talented individuals from developing countries travel

What are Main Causes of Brain Drain from Bangladesh? Read More »

Delay refers to unnecessarily and voluntarily postponing work, even though one knows its negative consequences. When someone believes they cannot perform a task well or are afraid of failure, they tend to delay the activity. Procrastination, on the other hand, occurs when a person lacks the willpower to complete tasks within a given timeframe. Example: You have a week to finish your work, but procrastinating right before the deadline adds


Why People Delay their Activities? Read More »

Top performers go above and beyond the requirements of their roles in the workplace to achieve their goals. They regularly take on and complete more leadership and work tasks. These individuals are high achievers who understand the significance and impact of change. They take initiatives with a focus on not only delivering results but also maximizing the company’s profits. They are eager to drive the required business results, capable, and


How to Become Top Performer at Work? Read More »

Purpose of human life creates true happiness. Everyone in this world thinks about what is the purpose of life. The purpose is something for someone who loves to do well and do the best. Purpose doesn’t just come from work purpose, comes from vision, initiative, and action that impact our lives, communities, and societies. Questions About Purpose of Life: Where am I from? Why am I here? Where do I


What is the Real Purpose of Human Life on Earth? Read More »

Nowadays, people are busy with their security and ability to live fear-free and fulfill their basic needs without others. We have to work patiently to get things right and effectively. Greed is a shortcut, and it ends in sin. Greed is not good at all for this world and the Hereafter. Most people want money as the first thing in life. In reality, however, more money creates confusion and conflict.


What do People Want in this World Nowadays? Read More »

Problem is the unsolved task. Problems are never solved alone – proactively find effective solutions – and work on them. Reasons Why the Problem Does Not Leave Some People: Some people – wanting to live with the crisis – prefer to wait for urgency and avoid essential tasks – so the problem never leaves them. Some people – don’t want to admit their mistakes – instead – they wait for


Why Problem does not Leave Some People? Read More »

Shameful feeling is a negative emotion of embarrassment, a painful feeling of humiliation or pain caused by wrongful or foolish behavior. Shame drives women to hide or deny their wrongdoing, often leading to emotional, physical, and relational trauma. Reasons Why Women Feel Too Shameful Felling: Women’s shame comes from patriarchy and cultural and social systems that actively humiliate women and silence their realities. Women are more open about their desire


Why are Women too Sensitive to Shameful Feelings? Read More »

A situation is a position compared to its surroundings over time. Everything depends on the situation. Now, the question is how to handle the situation! Many of us like to stay in crisis, take the easy way out of problems, and blame the situation. Ways to Handle Difficult Situations: To handle the situation, ask yourself how realistic the concern is! Imagination should not lead to situations where one can never


How To Handle Difficult Situations In Life? Read More »

Anger is an emotional, physical, and mental stress caused by a lack of something or frustration. Anger comes from fear, loss, injustice, loss of patience, unappreciated effort, and sadness. Anger creates feelings of vulnerability and loss of control and makes us uncomfortable. Ways to Manage Anger Issues in Relationships: To manage anger, pause and think before saying or doing something – avoid things that lead to regret. People’s reactions can’t


How To Deal With Anger Issues In Relationships? Read More »

Anxiety is an anticipated future threat, the uneasiness that makes us anxious and upset. Anxiety comes from subconscious imagination. Anxiety only becomes a problem when it starts to control us. Relaxing and managing anxiety leads to a longer and happier life. Ways to Overcome Anxiety: Relax yourself to eliminate anxiety – don’t worry too much about things that may or may not happen! Find specific identifiable paths to reach specific


How Can We Overcome Anxiety? Read More »

Marriage is a social, legal contract and commitment between spouses – so they live together with emotional – and sexual satisfaction – and love each other to bear children. In short, marriage is like a wedding greenhouse; whether you like it or not, you have no choice but to keep growing. “Lack of friendship makes marriage unhappy – not lack of love”. বিবাহ হ’ল স্বামী / স্ত্রীর মধ্যে একটি সামাজিক,


Marriage–How To Briefly Explain? Read More »



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