“Speaking the truth” means aligning your mind, will, and honest character. When you live in truth, you live joyfully. To face the truth, you must first be honest with yourself. Lying is counterproductive and ultimately self-destructive. In this discussion, we will focus on our personal values regarding truthfulness and lying rather than societal or national values. Ways to Tell the Truth: Build your confidence and self-esteem as you start speaking […]


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Repentance and Regret Repentance and regret are related to feelings of sorrow or remorse but differ in their underlying meanings and implications. Repentance is learning from past mistakes and finding better ways to avoid making the same mistakes. In contrast, regret reflects the emotion of regret for not doing something right in the past. Repentance involves a more profound sense of remorse and a commitment to change and seek forgiveness.


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About Innocent and Niave people: “Innocent” and “Naive” are often used interchangeably but have different meanings. Innocent refers to a person who is free from guilt and wrongdoing, has no intention of harming others, and has not been the victim of any injustice. On the other hand, Naive describes an inexperienced person whose understanding lacks sophistication and knowledge. They have no cunning or treacherous thoughts. Awareness of these differences is


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About Personal Explanation: People often struggle with personal interpretation. Personal interpretations refer to how individuals perceive and understand their experiences, behaviors, motivations, and psychological issues related to their character. Life is full of uncertainty that often leaves people questioning themselves and their surroundings. To better understand personal interpretation, it is essential to take a step back, reflect, and evaluate where you currently stand in life, where you are going, and


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About Honesty Honesty plays a vital role in shaping one’s moral character. It refers to speaking and acting truthfully while refraining from lying and cheating. Integrity is characterized by one’s respect for others and self-awareness. Honest individuals always tell the truth and abstain from cheating people or breaking the law. If faced with trouble for being honest, one should state the situation as it occurred and not paraphrase it. Honesty


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Crisis in Personal Life of Bangladeshis: Personal crisis is used to describe an individual’s internal confusion and anxiety. This can occur when their previously successful coping mechanisms become ineffective, leading to ineffective decision-making and behavior. A personal crisis can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as life changes, traumatic events or chronic stress. It is characterized by a state of inner turmoil and emotional distress, which can lead


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About Greed Greed is an excessive and selfish desire that encourages individuals to accumulate wealth beyond what is necessary for their basic needs. A healthy desire for financial stability is essential for a comfortable lifestyle. Greed is good for the individual but can harm others and society. So, it is necessary to avoid such tendencies. However, greed can lead to negative consequences. Greed can make a person preoccupied with status


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Knowing about the darkness of the mind is about being aware of one’s weaknesses and character flaws which helps one better understand one’s own and other people’s faults. Avoiding facing the darkness is nothing more than an illusion created by one’s mind. The more you understand the darkness in your mind, the more you will discard it. So, why not explore the cause of the darkness of the mind, and


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Role of Teacher for Students: Teachers are an essential part of society as they play an important role in shaping students’ future. Teachers are responsible for imparting knowledge and advising, guiding, and advising students. They help students become well-rounded individuals by developing social, emotional, and intellectual skills. Teachers teach academic subjects and develop values ​​and principles that help students distinguish between right and wrong. They aim to produce responsible citizens


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About Teachers: Students respect teachers who are knowledgeable and skilled in their field of expertise. Teachers who provide their students with the valuable insights, practical skills, and guidance they need to succeed in their studies are more likely to gain respect from their students. In addition, teachers who display good behavior and behave consistently with their teaching may gain respect and admiration from their students. Reverence is a deep understanding


Why Bangladeshi Students Do not Respect Teachers? Read More »

Husband and Wife’s Behaviour: The idea that husbands and wives should behave differently stems from traditional gender roles and societal expectations about the roles and responsibilities of men and women within marriage. A successful marriage is built on a few essential ingredients. First and foremost, mutual love creates a strong bond between two people. With love comes commitment, allowing both partners to work toward a shared future. Trust is another


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In general, religion is a collection of belief systems ensuring the interchangeability of the mind that relates humanity to spirituality and moral values. Through religion, it is possible to live in this world in a right, beautiful, and peaceful manner by expressing human thoughts and experiences, including the concept of natural and supernatural reality. Religion is a socio-cultural system encompassing various behaviors and practices, moral principles, and deeply held beliefs


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Profit and Greed: Profit is the surplus financial gain generated from an activity after accounting for all associated costs. Sometimes, people develop an excessive desire for material gain and become obsessed, known as greed. Making money and gaining status and power can lead to unethical practices and negative consequences. Turning profit into greed is a personal motivation involving psychological, social values, moral behavior, and cultural factors. Greed is an evil


How does Profit Turn into Greed? Read More »

Dignity Dignity encompasses the individual’s fundamental right to be treated with respect, fairness, and compassion. If the demands of dignity are not met, people become inferior. Dignity affects our interactions with others, attitudes, behavior, and values and is a guiding principle to encourage respect, equality, and compassion. Dignity is an essential concept at the core of the framework of human rights, self-respect, values, and moral principles. Respect is the feeling


Dignity is an Important Concept, but What Does it Actually Mean? Read More »

Following others is giving total loyalty and support to others – limiting self-advancement – which is not a scalable strategy for growth. Because – always follow, never stop. If you want to stop following – you will be right back where you started. Follower gives full loyalty and support to others. Because – he blindly perceives and respects the values of others. Associating oneself with another person’s beliefs – which


Why are Bangladeshis so Eager to Follow Others? Read More »

Universities offer various types of academic higher education. The purpose of higher education is to develop learning skills and knowledge. Higher education is not about acquiring certificates. Proper education and its implementation is the backbone of improving our behavior. Bangladesh’s higher education is lagging far behind international standards. No doubt – Bangladeshis have lost morality and momentum. It is essential to correct and improve it through proper education. Otherwise –


Why Quality of University Education in Bangladesh is Declining Drastically? Read More »

Social moral judgment – the underlying concept of fairness and human welfare that is accepted by the members of the society through consensus by social norms. For the justice of judgment in terms of social principles – social moral judgment must be just and beneficial to society. Considerations of Social Moral Justice in Today’s Society: Social moral judgment—requires reasoning, years of practice, critical thinking, and the ability to judge moral


How are Social Moral Judgment Justified in Today’s Society? Read More »

Community is a social groups of people living and working together in the same area – who share common cultural values. People help each other – learn lessons and solve problems together. Cultural and social relations – economic and environmental improvements lead to community well-being. Using available tools, support and practices makes the community stronger and more effective. We all need to care and work together to develop a legacy


How to Know About Community and Learn Lessons? Read More »

Guidance and instructions are not the same. Guidance is advice – giving directions – how to deal with problem solving and moving forward in a positive way – but, instructions are telling someone how to do something. Reasons Why Guidance is Preferable: In my opinion guidance is better than instructions. Because, mentoring provides an opportunity to consider others’ strengths, temperament, skills, development, and family culture. Guidance helps to creatively solve problems


Guidance and Instruction-Which one is Preferable, Why? Read More »

Critique skills prepare you—how to act, manage—and evaluate your efforts. Criticism helps you make positive changes in your life and gain a competitive edge. Critique shows and corrects mistakes, errors and also provides opportunities for learning. Person’s Critique Skills Should Be: Behavioral Skill- What to do in life. Linguistic Skill- How to communicate in life. Cognitive Skill- How to think for betterment in life. সমালোচনা দক্ষতা আপনাকে প্রস্তুত করে- কীভাবে


How Person’s Critique Skills Should it Be? Read More »

Insult and Disrespect Insult and disrespect are related concepts, but they have different meanings. An insult is an action that is intentionally intended to be rude or dishonest. Where – disrespect is showing respect, lack of respect, rude behavior, neither is complimentary. Hurt, anger, and mistrust can result. It can damage relationships and create an unhealthy environment around us. We must learn to avoid humiliation and disrespect. Engaging in abusive


What is the Difference Between Insult and Disrespect? Read More »

Opinions are individual’s personal and subjective beliefs and may or may not be true – not based on any facts or evidence. People express opinions to convey beliefs, influences, judgments and prevailing philosophies held by them. Reasons Why to Express Opinion: Opinion, such as ideas—involving constructive feedback, even concern about a decision—helps a person be productive. Opinion raises an individual’s profile—and boosts community morale. Difference of opinion is what makes


Why Do Person Express Opinions? Read More »

Shame is the emotion of self-blame through which a person accepts responsibility for morally, socially illegal, inappropriate actions. Shame increases – when a person does something bad to himself/herself or others. Shame directs the focus inward – and casts us in a negative light. Reasons Why People Feel Shame: Violating the social norms we believe in makes us feel ashamed – humiliated and unable to look others directly in the


What is Shame? Why People Feel Shame? Read More »

Cheater’s Mentality Cheaters are unfaithful and disloyal, even within a committed relationship. Manipulates and has zero empathy and remorse for their effect on others. Cheaters become mentally weak, and people hate them. As a result, they become isolated from family and society. Cheating is breaking a promise or betraying someone’s trust through cunning deception. It can arise from various factors, including personal morality, situational pressures, social influences, or individual psychological


Why are Cheaters Mentally Weak? Read More »

Verbal communication means speaking and listening verbally to exchange ideas, thoughts and information. It includes the interaction of individuals with each other, eg – speech, presentation, discussion. Main Limitations of Verbal Communication: Verbal communication is less authentic than written communication because it is informal and not as organized as written communication. Verbal communication is not reliable enough as business communication is formal and very organized. Verbal communication in meetings, long


What are Main Limitations of Verbal Communication? Read More »

About Sin Sins are acts that include lying, disobedience, rebellion, anarchy, and lawlessness. These actions create a lack of faith in Allah, oneself, and others, displease Allah and other people, and make us guilty. Sin separates us from God and those we love and from the source of true life. Sin reflects humanity’s ongoing struggle with moral dilemmas, ethical choices, and the quest for spiritual integrity and righteousness. It is


What is Sin and How Do You Describe Sin? Read More »

About Lying Most people lie, even if they don’t admit it, despite knowing it is morally wrong and evil. Lying is a complex behavior that benefits no one. According to psychology, lying is self-defense and self-deception. People lie to protect themselves from guilt. Lying can undermine the foundations of honesty and transparency. It is essential to try to be truthful and authentic in our interactions. However, lying can negatively affect


What are the Ways to Stay Away from Lying? Read More »

“Brain Drain” refers to the migration of skilled and intellectual people from their home countries to other countries for better living standards, higher-paying jobs, and better access to technology. Unfortunately, the brain drain limits Bangladesh’s growth potential as many skilled workers and intellectuals leave the country due to better political conditions and job opportunities in other countries. Causes of Brain Drain from Bangladesh: Many talented individuals from developing countries travel

What are Main Causes of Brain Drain from Bangladesh? Read More »

Divorce annuls the legal and mutual obligations of marriage. Divorce occurs when a husband and wife decide not to live together and no longer live with each other. The new generation is trying to think and evaluate differently with their newly invented thinking and artificial intelligence, a kind of challenge against Allah not good at all for the present and the near future! Reasons Why  New Generation is Experiencing More


Why New Generation is Facing More Divorce? Read More »

Family is a group of related people, such as parents, grandparents, relatives and their children living together. Family is a source of strength for us because it teaches us the meaning of relationships. The love we inherit from our families leads us to deeper relationships. Family structure is changing due to people’s mentality, wants, and needs. Existing and Future Family Structure: Joint Family: (Existing) – Includes two of us, our


What Type of Family will Exist in Future in this World? Read More »

Nowadays, people are busy with their security and ability to live fear-free and fulfill their basic needs without others. We have to work patiently to get things right and effectively. Greed is a shortcut, and it ends in sin. Greed is not good at all for this world and the Hereafter. Most people want money as the first thing in life. In reality, however, more money creates confusion and conflict.


What do People Want in this World Nowadays? Read More »

Shameful feeling is a negative emotion of embarrassment, a painful feeling of humiliation or pain caused by wrongful or foolish behavior. Shame drives women to hide or deny their wrongdoing, often leading to emotional, physical, and relational trauma. Reasons Why Women Feel Too Shameful Felling: Women’s shame comes from patriarchy and cultural and social systems that actively humiliate women and silence their realities. Women are more open about their desire


Why are Women too Sensitive to Shameful Feelings? Read More »

Improving spirit is not about material things. It is about mind, soul, and feelings. Cheerfulness helps us to do good to be happy and slowly drive away the wrong, sinful, and annoying things. Ways to Improve Spirits in Life: One moment, we are kind-hearted; the next, we become angry, selfish, and intolerant. We must consistently work with spirits to find goodwill and positive movement within us. We need to forgive


How To Improve Spirits In Life? Read More »



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