About Layoff Layoff occurs when a job is no longer needed or completed and is not the employee’s fault. Companies may lay off workers due to higher productivity, new technology, new management, or reduced demand in existing markets. The layoff experience can be challenging and unsettling. However, continuing to do so and adopting a positive and proactive mindset can help you navigate this transition more effectively, and you can be […]


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HR Department The Human Resources (HR) department is the backbone of employee management policies and procedures. It is key in overseeing employee benefits, payroll, training, recruitment and retention, people orientation, and talent management. Establishes and enforces policies and procedures to ensure the workplace is fair, safe, and productive. Under the leadership of HR, organizations can be sure that employee management is in capable hands. Main Functions of HR Department :


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About Happiness Happiness, in today’s terms, is comfort and luxury. However, happiness is an art that requires the ability to endure and cope with situations and not be controlled by trivial matters. By practicing self-awareness, mindfulness, and maintaining a positive outlook, anyone can learn to find happiness and contentment even in challenging situations. Happiness is a complex and multifaceted mental state characterized by pleasure, contentment, and overall well-being. It requires


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Keeping jobs and avoiding layoffs: Proactive steps, including strategic planning and adaptability, are essential to keeping jobs and avoiding layoffs. To maintain employment and avoid layoffs, increase your value to the organization, which will increase your chances of job retention and potential layoffs. Companies usually lay off employees when they face financial problems, but employees who are responsible for generating revenue for the company are not usually laid off. Therefore,


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Personal life is full of activities that contribute to a lifetime. Focused people focus on something specific. The goals that a focused person sets for themselves are always very clear, objective and realistic. You too have the right to choose a life with focus. Qualities of Focused Person:  Focused person always has a plan to follow his/her thoughts. S/he has a clear picture of where as s/he is going and


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Enhancing employee performance refers to the skills and abilities to perform, implement and complete tasks with the intent of improving specific overall results. Employee performance is how well s/he works and how successful s/he is. Ways to Enhance Performance at Work: Knowing Relevance – how appropriate everything that is happening is relevant to action. Relevance helps target identification. Focus where you want to do something important – you need to


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Self-centered person Self-centered person ignores the needs and desires of others and prioritizes their interests above all else. While taking care of yourself is perfectly fine, self-centered tendencies can hurt relationships. If you act selfishly, you can lose people and become lonely. This can stem from a range of underlying factors, such as low self-esteem, insecurity, or past experiences. Self-centered behavior is characterized by actions that focus primarily on satisfying


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About Personal Self-Importance Personal self-importance, or a sense of individual significance and worth, can be crucial in the workplace. In the workplace, personal self-importance refers to the characteristics that define an individual, including purpose, values, vision, goals, motivations, beliefs, and unique personality or identity. However, it’s important to note that personal self-importance should be balanced with humility and empathy. Excessive self-importance can lead to arrogance, poor teamwork, and interpersonal conflicts.


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About interest, promise, and commitment Concepts of interest, promise, and commitment are often used interchangeably. Interests are what we desire or want to achieve, while commitments are actions or outcomes we commit to others. Commitments involve more profound levels of dedication and commitment, often requiring prolonged effort or sacrifice to fulfill. Interest reflects curiosity or enthusiasm, commitment involves a verbal or written bond to fulfill an obligation, and commitment refers


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About Sarcastic Sarcastic is a form of humor that often involves expressing disapproval or contempt in a way that seems to mean the opposite of what is being said. It is commonly used to mock or insult someone, and people on the receiving end of sarcasm may not feel comfortable or safe around the person using it, especially if that person is a friend or family member. Learning how to


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Part time job Part time jobs offer flexibility, skill development, supplemental income, and various other benefits that can meet the needs and preferences of individuals at different stages of life and across career paths. They have become increasingly popular among people looking for flexibility or extra income. The ILO (International Labor Organization) defines part-time work as employment where regular hours are less than comparable full-time work, usually less than 30


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About naive people Naive people are often associated with a lack of experience. They may not possess the knowledge or judgment necessary to make the best decisions. They may have a rigid adherence to ideals and beliefs. Sophistication does not include a lack of wisdom, judgment, or strict adherence to ideals. Naive people believe everything they hear, see, and read. However, they are generally free from cunning or treacherous thoughts.


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About Sarcastic Sarcastic is a form of humor that often involves expressing disapproval or contempt in a way that seems to mean the opposite of what is being said. It is commonly used to mock or insult someone, and people on the receiving end of sarcasm may not feel comfortable or safe around the person using it, especially if that person is a friend or family member. Learning how to


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Coping with option challenges at work Handling situations professionally and diplomatically is essential when your options and ideas are challenged at work. Options give us the best opportunity but not the freedom or right to choose. Individuals can manage difficult choices within the company when they take responsibility for their comfort and focus their efforts on achieving organizational goals rather than solely on personal growth. Challenge is an obstacle that


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Second career may arise from evolving interests that motivate one to pursue a more enjoyable or exciting path while in his current job. A second career allows for exploring new interests, skills, or passions, leading to personal fulfillment, growth, and an expanded life path. Overall, a second career can serve as a great way to increase personal satisfaction and pave the way for a brighter future. Essential Things to Consider


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Struggle with Ego Ideal: Ego ideal is a psychological concept that refers to an individual’s internal image of personal superiority. The ego ideal is the powerful force that motivates us to choose new directions in life. When individuals’ self-images do not align with their ego ideals, they experience anger, guilt, and depression. On the other hand, when individuals reach their ego ideals, they feel good about themselves. Ego ideals motivate


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Today’s higher education: Today’s higher education faces new challenges and opportunities from contemporary social trends and technological advances. Universities and colleges offer various types of academic higher education. The purpose of higher education is to develop learning skills and knowledge. Education is not about getting a certificate. Proper education and its implementation are the backbone of improving our behavior and career. There has been a noticeable change in the composition


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Success comes from hard work – patience, perseverance, determination, compromise and sacrifice. Success means reaching the goal – accomplishing what is set out to be done. Person is successful when outcome is good, desirable and favorable. Away from Success, Away, Success, hold back, person Success is about getting out of comfort zone – never give up on what you want to do. Causes for Holdback Success: Most people want to


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Cause Analysis – deals with the cause and effect of solving a problem. Problems are deviations from normality. To analyze the cause of the deviation one must ask oneself: What or who is involved? What exactly is the deviation from normal? Impacts of Cause-Analysis: If positive – you need to reinforce – or, if negative – to correct – you need to know why something happens. Using an effect or


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Success is achieving the goal of helping yourself and others live better, happier, healthier lives. Successful people have confidence, security, a sense of well-being, the ability to contribute on a larger scale, hope, and leadership. Individuals set predetermined standards for themselves and are considered successful when they meet those standards. Many people work hard to succeed, but over time, they may wonder if they have genuinely succeeded and what that


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Savings are a portion of income that is not immediately spent. Essential to achieving a secure financial future, saving money gives us a way out of uncertainty. In saving money, money management like budgeting, savings, investment, capital utilization, and spending process must be known. Ways to Save Money: Stay away from high-interest loans and mindless spending. Proper expense calculation is also seen as a part of earnings. Maintain a reserve


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Self-contradiction is an inconsistent, groundless, contradictory statement contradicting one’s beliefs and two or more fundamental inconsistencies in a single argument. Self-contradiction is neither good for oneself nor others- that must be improved. To avoid self-contradiction, acknowledge that other perspectives may differ from your own. Example: – People doing business are taking unnecessary risks, I will do the business while I retire. Causes of Harm in Self-Contradiction: Self-contradiction is a type


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Fulfill Purpose is satisfaction, the desired pleasurable feeling through which wants, needs, hunger, and fulfillment are achieved. Satisfied people spend less time judging why things aren’t working and more time doing the right thing to achieve satisfaction. Ways to Improve Yourself to Fulfill Purposes: Take control of life to fulfill your purpose, avoid the blame game, and do what feels right. Try to undo what you did intentionally or unknowingly


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People love to advise others even if they don’t usually follow it themselves. So, understand yourself well and know how to give good advice before recommending others. Therefore, before advising others, you must understand yourself well and learn how to give good advice. Remember – lousy, unwarranted advice does not work. Valuable ways to advise others: Ask yourself questions to understand other’s expectations: – Questions clarify what others want from


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Practicing Halal and Haram Nowadays In Islamic law, halal refers to things considered permissible, clean, and pure, such as eating, using, or doing certain things. Haram relates to things that are considered unacceptable and forbidden in Islamic law, including all actions of a Muslim, including eating. It is the responsibility of each person to make the necessary corrections on his or her own without following the halal and haram restrictions


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Values and ethics are closely related concepts that shape our actions and character. Values are the principles and beliefs we hold dear and use to make decisions. Ethics refers to the moral principles that govern our behavior. Adhering to ethical principles ensures that our actions are consistent with our values and contribute to a more just and equitable society. Understanding the difference between values and ethics is essential to making


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About outstanding employees: Standing out as an outstanding employee requires skills, attitudes, and actions. Outstanding employees demonstrate their qualities and make themselves invaluable to their company. They are highly self-motivated individuals who take the initiative to go above and beyond their assigned responsibilities. They have exceptional leadership skills that enable them to motivate and guide themselves and colleagues towards achieving success. They are highly reliable and hardworking, consistently delivering high-quality


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About difficult situation: Difficult situations can be challenging and stressful both in life and at work. The first step to successfully navigating challenging situations is to identify the factors that may be contributing to the problem. Contributing factors to the problem may require adjusting the approach to achieve the best possible outcome. It may also need a willingness to be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances or unexpected challenges. Sometimes,


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Repentance and Regret Repentance and regret are related to feelings of sorrow or remorse but differ in their underlying meanings and implications. Repentance is learning from past mistakes and finding better ways to avoid making the same mistakes. In contrast, regret reflects the emotion of regret for not doing something right in the past. Repentance involves a more profound sense of remorse and a commitment to change and seek forgiveness.


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Arrogance is a way of masking insecurities and low self-esteem. Arrogance increases a person’s sense of superiority – which increases his/her aggressiveness – pride, status and power – while putting others down. Low self-esteem, constant fear and feelings of insecurity make someone arrogant. Causes to become Arrogance: “I’m always right” – attitude and behavior makes someone arrogant. Excessive desire for praise and approval from others makes a person arrogant. Fear


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Lateness to work Shows a lack of productivity and a lack of respect for time. Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where you cannot avoid being late for work. However, self-discipline is necessary to prevent lateness at work.  Ways to Avoid Late at Work and Manage Boss: Be responsible for being late to the office. Apologize and act responsibly. Show your confidence and maturity. Even if your boss is


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About Personal Strengths: Developing personal strengths involves a combination of self-awareness, deliberate practice, and continuous learning. To excel and succeed in life, we need to know our strengths and put them to work. Focusing on our weaknesses can only lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. One way to identify our strengths is to look inward and analyze our own behavior patterns. Energy should be reflected in activities that we enjoy and


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Taking ownership of work allows you to understand your role in the larger context of the organization and enables you to maximize your contribution. To own your responsibilities at work, you must understand your role, meet expectations, and take a genuine interest in your company’s success. Reasons Why to Develop a Sense of Ownership for Work: Motivate to Work Owning the workplace means taking the initiative to ask questions and


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About Job Promotion Eligibility: Job promotion is an excellent way to advance a career and take skills to the next level within the organization. To be eligible for promotion, employees must demonstrate exceptional performance, competence, and potential for growth. Promotion is given to employees who have shown outstanding performance, competence, and potential for growth. If you want a promotion, you must work hard, show dedication, and be a valuable asset


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Work relationships are the connections you make with coworkers, managers, and other employees that contribute to job satisfaction for you and your team. Good working relationships show your coworkers that you appreciate them, prioritize them, and work together on projects. Strong working relationships can help you lead your team more effectively and achieve better results. Today’s organizations depend on trust. This belief does not mean that employees have to like


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About Second Career: A second career allows individuals to explore new personal situations, interests, skills or passions that lead to personal growth and fulfillment. By starting a second career, individuals can broaden their horizons and pursue a more fulfilling life path. A second career is the gateway to discovering new opportunities and realizing one’s full potential. Whether driven by professional advancement or personal fulfillment, a second career can provide greater


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Manage Laid Off Laid-off occurs when a job is no longer needed or completed and is not the employee’s fault. Companies may lay off workers due to higher productivity, new technology, new management, or reduced demand in existing markets. Laid-off experience can be challenging and unsettling. However, adopting a positive and proactive mindset can help you navigate this transition more effectively, and you can be more meaningful and empowered. Ways


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Being stuck in life is the painful feeling of not being able to get out of the current situation and not knowing how to do so. It’s not uncommon to feel stuck at times, especially when dealing with anxiety and depression. Experiencing a state of mental paralysis can trigger intense feelings of anxiety and depression. In this situation, it may seem that nothing is good enough to help you move


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About Honesty Honesty plays a vital role in shaping one’s moral character. It refers to speaking and acting truthfully while refraining from lying and cheating. Integrity is characterized by one’s respect for others and self-awareness. Honest individuals always tell the truth and abstain from cheating people or breaking the law. If faced with trouble for being honest, one should state the situation as it occurred and not paraphrase it. Honesty


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Commit to Work Workplace commitment refers to the employee’s enthusiasm for their assigned work and sense of responsibility toward the company’s vision, mission, and goals. It is a critical factor for any company’s success. Therefore, increasing workplace commitment is essential for every organization aiming to succeed and thrive in today’s competitive business environment. When employees are passionate about their work and committed to achieving the company’s goals, it positively impacts


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Crisis in Personal Life of Bangladeshis: Personal crisis is used to describe an individual’s internal confusion and anxiety. This can occur when their previously successful coping mechanisms become ineffective, leading to ineffective decision-making and behavior. A personal crisis can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as life changes, traumatic events or chronic stress. It is characterized by a state of inner turmoil and emotional distress, which can lead


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Networking at work Networking in the workplace offers many benefits, both professionally and personally. It’s not just about meeting new people but also about maintaining existing relationships. These essential skills allow individuals to connect with others personally and professionally and support career growth and development. Actively networking at work is vital in today’s competitive work environment. This allows individuals to improve their communication skills and enhance their career opportunities by


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Performance is influenced by a person’s personality and how they approach tasks. Personality, whether of nature or maturity, is formed long before a person goes to work and determines how he acts. A successful career is developed when the individual is prepared for opportunities and knows his strengths, work style, and values. Personality Traits That Influence Work Performance: Know whether you are a listener or a reader: To determine personality


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Focus on what is truly important determines how much of your daily tasks are necessary and how well you can meet your needs, interests, and desires. Focus is the basis of effective thinking, which helps you establish your vision and goals, plan your actions, reason, solve problems, and think critically. Without good focus, all aspects of your thinking ability are compromised, and your ability to think critically and solve problems


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Meaning to say extraordinary When someone calls you extraordinary, they think you’re exceptional. This means that they see qualities in you, such as – talent, intelligence, creativity, courage, kindness, or accomplishments that are ordinary or beyond the average. Being called astonishing is a compliment, suggesting that you have distinguished yourself positively and memorably. It can refer to your talents, personality, achievements, or actions that inspire admiration and respect. Basically, it


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Meaning To Say Ordinary: When someone calls you ordinary, they think you’re settling for mediocrity. Small changes in your daily routine create excitement, and see success as something that only happens by chance. This means they see qualities in you, such as – talent, intelligence, creativity, courage, kindness, or accomplishments that fall within the average range. You lack confidence and tend to follow the crowd instead of taking charge of


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Regaining control and confidence in life can lead to success and happiness. Research suggests that having a positive self-image and mindset can reduce the risk of developing depression. Learning how to use information and tools is essential to avoid feeling overwhelmed. By staying engaged and proactive, problems can be solved more effectively. Tips for Rebuilding Confidence and Taking Control of Your Life: Focus on what’s important to release yourself from


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Things to avoid: To achieve success, avoiding careless situations and working efficiently is essential. Some things should not be done or allowed to happen by others. Refraining from acting impulsively and taking time to weigh the consequences of decisions is crucial. Many things in life should be avoided for personal and collective welfare. Some actions should be avoided altogether, while others may require careful consideration. Avoiding actions that may have


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Shortened Memory Duration Memory duration is an important cognitive ability that enables individuals to concentrate on a specific task or topic without losing focus. Recognizing that memory is a complex process influenced by various internal and external factors is essential. Improving focus, managing stress, getting enough sleep, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can alleviate memory problems and help overall cognitive function. In today’s fast-paced world, understanding and increasing memory duration


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Effective orders are crucial in the workplace to achieve maximum results. Orders should be framed as suggestions or requests to be received positively. As a leader, having the courage to make decisions, take responsibility, and be accountable for your work is vital. To motivate employees, ideas must be presented to make them feel it’s their own and inspire them to act on it. Ways to Give Effective Orders in Workplace:


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Clear, concise, and positive orders in the workplace force subordinates to pay attention, increasing the likelihood of understanding the message and getting a response. If you want people to understand and follow orders, you need to define exactly what – why – what you are asking them to do. Ways to Order at Workplace to Make it Easier to Understand: Identifying key messages and crafting appropriate orders to get the


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About Undesestimation: Underestimation is an assumption that is less than the actual answer to a problem, leading us to behave irrationally. Underestimating someone is perceiving another person as less powerful or less effective than oneself. This perception can be harmful, making the other person feel inferior and lacking respect and trust. When we underestimate someone, we fail to recognize their potential. To avoid underestimating others and to work collaboratively, it


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About “good to know”: “Good to Know” is a versatile expression used in different contexts to convey different meanings. Whether used sincerely or sarcastically, it’s a polite, polite, and positive way to acknowledge someone’s contribution to a conversation or express gratitude for sharing information. The phrase “Good to know” is a gentle way of thanking someone for letting them know about the information you provided. It is usually used when


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Key Factors to Success Success in life is a multifaceted concept; the combination of factors and actions that constitute success can vary significantly from one person to another. By taking proactive steps, focusing on your goals, and persevering in the face of challenges, you can increase your chances of success in your endeavors. Remember that success is a journey rather than a destination; every step brings you closer to your


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Knowing about the darkness of the mind is about being aware of one’s weaknesses and character flaws which helps one better understand one’s own and other people’s faults. Avoiding facing the darkness is nothing more than an illusion created by one’s mind. The more you understand the darkness in your mind, the more you will discard it. So, why not explore the cause of the darkness of the mind, and


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Profit in business is the income received from the economic activity minus the total costs. Profit is revenue generated from financial activities. Profits are needed for future growth and reinvestment to sustain business activity. Profit motive motivates individuals to become entrepreneurs, take risks, and do business. Reason Why Profit is Important for Business : Business profits are effectively used over time to serve all its stakeholders – such as investors,


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Excessive Expectations Excessive expectations harm happiness and change our lives emotionally and physically. However, too many expectations can make us excited and exaggerated. The road ahead opens when we learn to let go of unrealistic expectations. A path full of new possibilities awaits us. While expectations can help motivate us toward our goals, unrealistic or excessive expectations can have negative consequences. It can make us feel frustrated and unhappy. To


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About Side Effects of Social Media: Social media is a valuable platform for sharing instant news and information and conducting business, providing us with a quick and easy way to connect with others, share information, and conduct business. However, the negative consequences of social media are becoming increasingly apparent, such as human isolation, addiction, mental illness, fraud, scams, and the spread of false information. Addressing the problems caused by social


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About Unhappy Marriage: Signs of an unhappy marriage often come from disharmony when couples stop prioritizing spending quality time together and building a strong marital partnership. Family relationships become unequal and unhappy when one partner consistently prioritizes his or her needs over those of the other. Family relationships should be based on equality and respect rather than power and control. Moreover, uncontrolled, unwanted discrimination in family relationships can lead to


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Trends of Today’s Bangladeshi Youth: Today’s youth in Bangladesh are increasingly facing the challenge of discovering self-independence at an early age due to an inappropriate environment. Unfortunately, lack of proper guidance and motivation from family, community, educational institutions, society, and the government leads the youth to uncertainty, despair, and confusion about their present and future life. As a result, the youth crime trend is increasing. Ethical, social, economic, and cultural


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Work Orders – Outline all the information about the work and the process for completing that work. Work orders specify what workers are to do – when work will start – clarify what needs to be done – specify completion dates – and give special instructions if necessary. Briefly, work orders include details of who authorized the work, the scope, who is assigned, and what is expected. spaceman Advantages of

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Equality between spouses in married life: Equality in marriage means giving each partner the same resources, opportunities, and rights. However, it is essential to recognize that men and women have inherent physical and mental differences that may prevent them from performing specific tasks or handling situations similarly. This does not mean that one partner is superior or inferior to the other; instead, they complement each other in their strengths and


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Role of Teacher for Students: Teachers are an essential part of society as they play an important role in shaping students’ future. Teachers are responsible for imparting knowledge and advising, guiding, and advising students. They help students become well-rounded individuals by developing social, emotional, and intellectual skills. Teachers teach academic subjects and develop values ​​and principles that help students distinguish between right and wrong. They aim to produce responsible citizens


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About Teachers: Students respect teachers who are knowledgeable and skilled in their field of expertise. Teachers who provide their students with the valuable insights, practical skills, and guidance they need to succeed in their studies are more likely to gain respect from their students. In addition, teachers who display good behavior and behave consistently with their teaching may gain respect and admiration from their students. Reverence is a deep understanding


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Learning from mistakes Mistakes are the result of actions that are not right or intended. It may be due to faulty judgment, insufficient knowledge, or carelessness. It is important to remember that everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Mistakes are caused by doing something incorrectly or wrongly. Mistakes can happen accidentally, like when we slip up or miscalculate. In short, mistakes are an inevitable part of life, and it


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Contribution of experience Experiences play an essential role in shaping our life identity, beliefs and world view. They contribute to our personal growth and development. Everyone has to learn and experience something to survive. What you know and what you feel determines your success or failure in life. Therefore, it is essential to experience as much as possible to live a fulfilled life. Whether personal or professional, what we know


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Initial meeting then good friends – good friendship – intimate relationship – beautiful to infatuation – a series of tribulations with small trials and finally a journey with no final destination leading to blissful bliss – this is called marriage. Spousal relationships move through the eternal cycle as a series of seasons, not as stages with a final outcome. Husband and Wife’s Best Friend (BF) Cycle: BF-( Best Friend )


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People like to talk about themselves because it makes them feel good. Neither you nor I are exceptions to that rule. A person’s favorite topic of discussion is self-expression, ego-gratification, and talking about himself/herself is something s/he wants to discuss. Person’s Favourite Topics to Talk About in Conversation: In conversation – who the person is – how much money s/he has, how successful she is, and the most important thing


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About Stable Life: Stable life is a belief in being happy and content with what one has in everyday life. This does not mean one is reluctant to explore and implement new opportunities. Stability can mean different things to different people—for some, it may be financial security, and for others, it may mean a successful career. A stable life requires managing one’s emotions, maintaining healthy relationships, and developing a sense


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Impact of poverty is that employment, and business income levels are so low that people’s basic needs are not met. Poverty is a serious problem for the survival, sustenance and growth of self, family, community, society as well as country. Poverty must be reduced for the economic progress of the country. Impacts of Provity: Poverty means that large numbers of people cannot afford to buy goods and services, making it


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Desired Life Desired life is to be complete, satisfied, and happy. Achieving the life you desire is a journey rather than a destination. However, often, people try to change their results by changing their actions rather than their mindset. This creates more resistance and tension, like swimming against the current. The procedure can create additional resistance and tension, like swimming against the current. Therefore, by understanding the importance of changing


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Investigation – legally established fact-finding process – intended to impartially establish, conduct, and recommend relevant facts to prove or disprove allegations of fraud and corruption. Investigation Committee – Exercises power and authority to conduct systematic inquiries, monitoring – and investigations – under the supervision of agencies within the subject jurisdiction. Higher authorities – set up and assign inquiry committees to investigate allegations of law-and-order violations. Activities of Investigation Committee: Activities 


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About Investigative Committees: Investigative Committees conduct systematic inquiries, thorough observations, and comprehensive investigations of matters under their jurisdiction. The higher authorities delegate the power and responsibility to form inquiry committees to investigate allegations of rule violations. In Bangladesh, the Investigative Committee is supposed to play an essential role in various areas, especially in ensuring accountability, transparency, and justice. It is usually formed to investigate specific incidents, complaints, or matters of


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Workshops are a place where people can share information, experiences, education, and values, ​​and support each other. The workshop basically determines the effectiveness of the group and its value. Key Elements of Workshop : Purpose: The workshop should have a specific purpose. Respect the attendees’ time – tell them what you need from them and what they can expect from the workshop in return. Participants: Decide who should be part


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Husband and Wife’s Behaviour: The idea that husbands and wives should behave differently stems from traditional gender roles and societal expectations about the roles and responsibilities of men and women within marriage. A successful marriage is built on a few essential ingredients. First and foremost, mutual love creates a strong bond between two people. With love comes commitment, allowing both partners to work toward a shared future. Trust is another


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About Getting Rich: “Rich people” are those who desire and consider themselves to possess large amounts of material possessions, wealth, and money beyond their basic needs and wants. Such people often prioritize the acquisition of luxury goods and services. They are willing to go to great lengths to accumulate more money and wealth, even at the expense of others. Being rich is not just about having a certain amount of


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New technologies are changing all levels and aspects of our lives. New technologies are flooding the workplace and we need to be up-to-date with new challenges. We should be lifelong learners – because the advancement of technology is inevitable and ongoing – no one can escape or avoid it. New technologies are being applied to reduce costs, increase productivity and increase quality. If you want to stay at the forefront


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“Yes” or “No” is used to answer questions. Yes is used to express acceptance. No is used to express rejection. “Yes or No” questions are used to check information or ask for confirmation. Impacts of Saying Yes: Saying “yes” means– agreeing to accept the opportunity when it arises, even if it exceeds the advantageous position. The interesting thing about saying yes is, if the opportunity isn’t close to your goals


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Mindset growth is the exploration of the inner mind in ways of thinking—ways of acting—and enjoying life to the fullest. Mindset growth is the process of constantly learning new information that you can apply to reach your goals. A growth mindset is a powerful mind that can create new dreams, ideas, new possibilities for you. Growth mindset prepares you for opportunities and allows you to fail. Success comes when you


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Intelligent young people think and learn differently than other young people. Intelligence is ambition, courage and conscience – which are equally important to success. Intelligence allows a person to solve or complete many types of tasks – and solve logical problems. Characteristics of Intelligent Youth: Intelligent young people are able to learn and process information quickly. Intelligent young people have constant mental stimulation and can understand the world and be


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Canadian Bangladeshi can contribute to the development of Bangladesh in many ways! However, question arises – of whether the government and the people of Bangladesh are willing to accept such contributions !!! Ways Canadian Bangladeshi  Can Contribute: Canadian Bangladeshi can equip the people of Bangladesh by sharing progressive and essential skills that lay the foundations for meaningful – healthy and long lives for Bangladeshis. Canadian Bangladeshi – can bring great


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Social media is a great channel for instant news, information sharing and business. On the other hand – negative effects of social media accelerate human isolation, addiction, mental illness, fraud, scams and misinformation. Addiction to social media is an ominous sign in society, especially for the youth. It is important to shed light on the problems that social media addiction is creating – and to try to find solutions as


How Can Minimize Negative Effects of Social Media? Read More »

Employees should be given orders in a way that is clear and easy to understand – then they respond quickly to orders and instructions without question. Some people – issue orders to prove that they are the boss. If you are in charge – employees already know it – you don’t need to issue unnecessary orders to prove it. Consider Situations that Employees Follow Without Questions: Consider job steps and


How to Order Employees Which They will follow without Question? Read More »

Guiding, instructing, and controlling children is what parents know is best for children—in a word, making children happy. When children are happy – they are happy to do what you want them to do. Creating happy, prosperous children is about more than money and material possessions. Guidance, Direction and Control that Make Children Happy: Give children your full and undivided attention. Lack of attention makes children feel unwanted. Praise children


How can Children be Guided, Instructed, Controlled? Read More »

Admit and Correct Mistakes Admitting and correcting mistakes is not a sign of weakness but a display of strength, maturity, and commitment to self-improvement and excellence. Admitting mistakes builds trust and shows honesty. When a person is aware of a mistake, he is in a position to learn from it. Become more confident, admit mistakes, own mistakes, and correct them. Therefore, mistakes must be taken as learning opportunities, and self-reflection


Why is it Important to Admitting and Correcting Mistakes?? Read More »

Importance of using “I don’t know” In discussion If you lack knowledge on a specific topic in the discussion, saying “I don’t know” doesn’t mean you have to walk away with your head down. If you think you know everything, you will never achieve your goals. Acknowledging limitations and asking for help is a sign of strength and can pave the way for greater success. This can help you avoid


Why is it Better to Say in Discussion – I do not Know? Read More »

Listening is hard work – requiring full concentration. Hearing requires not only ears but also eyes and face. Actively listening to another person means – temporarily putting aside your interests, pleasures, and preoccupations. All attention is focused on the person’s words. Ways to be a Proficient Listener: Look directly at the person while speaking. Otherwise, the person will notice your lack of attention and get annoyed. Show interest and attention


How to be Proficient in Listening to Conversations? Read More »

Lonely person: A loner is a person who prefers to be alone and avoids the company of others because of their will, personality, and temperament. They may have personal reasons for introversion, spirituality, and avoidance of social interaction. Despite the negative connotations sometimes attached to the word “lonely,” those who prefer solitude can live fulfilling lives and contribute to society in their own unique ways. Overall, while human connection is


What are the Benefits of Being Alone? Read More »

Selfish attitudes – self-centeredness, anarchy, lawlessness – which quickly lead a person to complete destruction. Selfish people are egocentric and have no interest in others. A selfish person does the most harm not only to others but also to himself/herself. Unless s/he changes his/her selfish attitude towards people, s/he is bound to fail. Ways to Overcome Selfish Attitude: Try to overcome the me-first attitude. Forget yourself and give undivided attention


How to Overcome Selfish Attitude? Read More »

Dignity Dignity encompasses the individual’s fundamental right to be treated with respect, fairness, and compassion. If the demands of dignity are not met, people become inferior. Dignity affects our interactions with others, attitudes, behavior, and values and is a guiding principle to encourage respect, equality, and compassion. Dignity is an essential concept at the core of the framework of human rights, self-respect, values, and moral principles. Respect is the feeling


Dignity is an Important Concept, but What Does it Actually Mean? Read More »

Nowadays the role of parents in marriage of children is becoming dormant and passive. Parents simply follow the child’s attitude and choice in the child’s marriage. Parents don’t have authority – but they do have a lot of responsibility and accountability. Following Points Emerge from Survey Comments about Parents’ Role in Children’s Marriage: Parents have nothing to do – they are helpless and hopeless. Parents are passive due to a


What are Parents Roles in Children’s Marriage Nowadays? Read More »

Following others is giving total loyalty and support to others – limiting self-advancement – which is not a scalable strategy for growth. Because – always follow, never stop. If you want to stop following – you will be right back where you started. Follower gives full loyalty and support to others. Because – he blindly perceives and respects the values of others. Associating oneself with another person’s beliefs – which


Why are Bangladeshis so Eager to Follow Others? Read More »

Harassment is intentional, inappropriate emotional and physical abuse, humiliating behavior that causes another person to feel humiliated. On the other hand – bullying is intentional inappropriate emotional and physical abuse, humiliating behavior that makes another person feel afraid. Harassment and Bullying Difference: Harassment:- Harassment – Refers to sexual, racial, religious, age, nationality and physical offensive behavior usually committed in public. Harassment is unwanted behavior that creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading,


What are Main Difference Between Harassment and Bullying? Read More »

Selfishness thrives in society – when people think only of themselves – putting their own needs first and refusing to compromise with others. Selfish behavior increases stress – leads to loneliness – destroys families and society. Humans are not inherently selfish – if we are kind to one another – we can control and overcome our selfishness and cruelty. Selfishness makes us self-centered, low morale, face difficulties and bring disappointment


How Does Selfishness Affect Society? Read More »

Key factors influencing the quality of higher education are acquiring knowledge about university degrees, still relevant and essential for better jobs. Growing Employees Demand – Higher education is essential for a specific job – that matches the job demand! Factors Affecting the Quality of Higher Education: Quality teachers and teaching system. Quality of curriculum. Available technical infrastructure. Research environment. Accreditation system. Administrative policies and procedures. Research shows that if universities


What Factors Improve Quality of Higher Education? Read More »

Bullying – an unwanted, repeated act of aggression – that causes psychological and physical harm and creates a psychological power imbalance for the target. Bullying is repeatedly and intentionally harming and humiliating others who are younger or weaker. Reasons Why People Bullying: People bully to spread bad rumors about other people. People bully to annoy and “gang up” other people. People bully to physically hurt others with intentional pressure. People


Why do People Bully Others? Read More »

Generation gap gap is a difference in opinion between one generation and another – which creates conflict, frustration and complicates communication. Generation gap occurs – when the younger generation goes against the beliefs, values, attitudes and actions of their parents including their elders. We must all work together to minimize generation gap. Ways to Minimize Generation Gap: Elders, including parents, must hold the past in one hand and reach for


How to Minimize Generation Gap? Read More »

Arrogant person thinks s/he knows everything – has seen everything – and done everything. S/he has his/her own story about how s/he did something big or good. Arrogance doesn’t come from hatred—it comes from problems with self-esteem and self-awareness— arrogant person doesn’t see how ridiculous his/her claims are. Ways to Deal with Arrogant Person: Merely ignoring does not diminish arrogance of the arrogant. To protect against egoism in family and


How to Deal with Arrogant Person at Work? Read More »

Arrogant person has high sense of superiority – which increases his/her aggressiveness – pride, status, and power – while putting others down. Arrogance is bad for yourself and others. Qualities of Arrogant Person: Rather than finding out more through questioning and learning— arrogant believes in limited, narrow life experiences. Tries to impose his/her own narrow view on others. Arrogant person is self-centered—believes s/he is the most important—and cares little about


What are the Qualities of Arrogant Person? Read More »

Follow is to take advantage of others – to assume the judgment of others – to act according to the dictates of others at the expense of one’s own intelligence, faith. Whereas, imitation is the copying of another person – the person imitates and uses as one’s own with some modifications. In my opinion – imitation is more beneficial than follow someone. Reasons Why Imitation is Useful: Imitation – acts


Which is more Useful-Follow or Imitation, why? Read More »



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