About Happiness Happiness, in today’s terms, is comfort and luxury. However, happiness is an art that requires the ability to endure and cope with situations and not be controlled by trivial matters. By practicing self-awareness, mindfulness, and maintaining a positive outlook, anyone can learn to find happiness and contentment even in challenging situations. Happiness is a complex and multifaceted mental state characterized by pleasure, contentment, and overall well-being. It requires […]


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Keeping jobs and avoiding layoffs: Proactive steps, including strategic planning and adaptability, are essential to keeping jobs and avoiding layoffs. To maintain employment and avoid layoffs, increase your value to the organization, which will increase your chances of job retention and potential layoffs. Companies usually lay off employees when they face financial problems, but employees who are responsible for generating revenue for the company are not usually laid off. Therefore,


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About Sarcastic Sarcastic is a form of humor that often involves expressing disapproval or contempt in a way that seems to mean the opposite of what is being said. It is commonly used to mock or insult someone, and people on the receiving end of sarcasm may not feel comfortable or safe around the person using it, especially if that person is a friend or family member. Learning how to


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Coping with option challenges at work Handling situations professionally and diplomatically is essential when your options and ideas are challenged at work. Options give us the best opportunity but not the freedom or right to choose. Individuals can manage difficult choices within the company when they take responsibility for their comfort and focus their efforts on achieving organizational goals rather than solely on personal growth. Challenge is an obstacle that


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Fear is nothing but a feeling. Fear comes from anxiety, and anxiety is the abuse of our dreams and desires. Fear should not stand in the way of success in life. You can challenge fear in several ways. The key is to avoid controlling life through fear. Ways to Overcome Fear of Failure: You have to control yourself to overcome the fear of failure. Start doing what you want with


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Life can feel meaningless when we lose sight of our self-worth and become disinterested in hobbies and work. Feeling pointless can lead to disinterest in our hobbies and work, which can result in depression and a sense of meaninglessness. If you feel lost in life and unable to find your way, know there are many ways to overcome it. Ways to Reflect on the Past When Lost in Life: It’s okay


After Being Lost in Life–How to Reflect? Read More »

Crisis in Personal Life of Bangladeshis: Personal crisis is used to describe an individual’s internal confusion and anxiety. This can occur when their previously successful coping mechanisms become ineffective, leading to ineffective decision-making and behavior. A personal crisis can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as life changes, traumatic events or chronic stress. It is characterized by a state of inner turmoil and emotional distress, which can lead


What Factors Contribute to Personal Crisis that Bangladeshis are Facing? Read More »

Performance is influenced by a person’s personality and how they approach tasks. Personality, whether of nature or maturity, is formed long before a person goes to work and determines how he acts. A successful career is developed when the individual is prepared for opportunities and knows his strengths, work style, and values. Personality Traits That Influence Work Performance: Know whether you are a listener or a reader: To determine personality


What Personality Traits Influence Job Performance? Read More »

Meaning to say extraordinary When someone calls you extraordinary, they think you’re exceptional. This means that they see qualities in you, such as – talent, intelligence, creativity, courage, kindness, or accomplishments that are ordinary or beyond the average. Being called astonishing is a compliment, suggesting that you have distinguished yourself positively and memorably. It can refer to your talents, personality, achievements, or actions that inspire admiration and respect. Basically, it


What Does it Mean if Someone Calls You Extraordinary? Read More »

Meaning To Say Ordinary: When someone calls you ordinary, they think you’re settling for mediocrity. Small changes in your daily routine create excitement, and see success as something that only happens by chance. This means they see qualities in you, such as – talent, intelligence, creativity, courage, kindness, or accomplishments that fall within the average range. You lack confidence and tend to follow the crowd instead of taking charge of


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Things to avoid: To achieve success, avoiding careless situations and working efficiently is essential. Some things should not be done or allowed to happen by others. Refraining from acting impulsively and taking time to weigh the consequences of decisions is crucial. Many things in life should be avoided for personal and collective welfare. Some actions should be avoided altogether, while others may require careful consideration. Avoiding actions that may have


What are Some Things in Life that Should Avoid to Used? Read More »

Shortened Memory Duration Memory duration is an important cognitive ability that enables individuals to concentrate on a specific task or topic without losing focus. Recognizing that memory is a complex process influenced by various internal and external factors is essential. Improving focus, managing stress, getting enough sleep, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can alleviate memory problems and help overall cognitive function. In today’s fast-paced world, understanding and increasing memory duration


Why is Human Memory Duration Drastically Shortened? Read More »

About Undesestimation: Underestimation is an assumption that is less than the actual answer to a problem, leading us to behave irrationally. Underestimating someone is perceiving another person as less powerful or less effective than oneself. This perception can be harmful, making the other person feel inferior and lacking respect and trust. When we underestimate someone, we fail to recognize their potential. To avoid underestimating others and to work collaboratively, it


How do You Deal With Underestimation of Others? Read More »

About Unhappy Marriage: Signs of an unhappy marriage often come from disharmony when couples stop prioritizing spending quality time together and building a strong marital partnership. Family relationships become unequal and unhappy when one partner consistently prioritizes his or her needs over those of the other. Family relationships should be based on equality and respect rather than power and control. Moreover, uncontrolled, unwanted discrimination in family relationships can lead to


What Are Signs Of Unhappy Marriage Life? Read More »

Role of Teacher for Students: Teachers are an essential part of society as they play an important role in shaping students’ future. Teachers are responsible for imparting knowledge and advising, guiding, and advising students. They help students become well-rounded individuals by developing social, emotional, and intellectual skills. Teachers teach academic subjects and develop values ​​and principles that help students distinguish between right and wrong. They aim to produce responsible citizens


What are Teachers Roles in Shaping Students Lives? Read More »

Contribution of experience Experiences play an essential role in shaping our life identity, beliefs and world view. They contribute to our personal growth and development. Everyone has to learn and experience something to survive. What you know and what you feel determines your success or failure in life. Therefore, it is essential to experience as much as possible to live a fulfilled life. Whether personal or professional, what we know


Why Experiences Matter in Life? Read More »

New technologies are changing all levels and aspects of our lives. New technologies are flooding the workplace and we need to be up-to-date with new challenges. We should be lifelong learners – because the advancement of technology is inevitable and ongoing – no one can escape or avoid it. New technologies are being applied to reduce costs, increase productivity and increase quality. If you want to stay at the forefront


How to Adapt and Manage New Technology Challenges? Read More »

Lonely person: A loner is a person who prefers to be alone and avoids the company of others because of their will, personality, and temperament. They may have personal reasons for introversion, spirituality, and avoidance of social interaction. Despite the negative connotations sometimes attached to the word “lonely,” those who prefer solitude can live fulfilling lives and contribute to society in their own unique ways. Overall, while human connection is


What are the Benefits of Being Alone? Read More »

Selfish attitudes – self-centeredness, anarchy, lawlessness – which quickly lead a person to complete destruction. Selfish people are egocentric and have no interest in others. A selfish person does the most harm not only to others but also to himself/herself. Unless s/he changes his/her selfish attitude towards people, s/he is bound to fail. Ways to Overcome Selfish Attitude: Try to overcome the me-first attitude. Forget yourself and give undivided attention


How to Overcome Selfish Attitude? Read More »

Selfishness thrives in society – when people think only of themselves – putting their own needs first and refusing to compromise with others. Selfish behavior increases stress – leads to loneliness – destroys families and society. Humans are not inherently selfish – if we are kind to one another – we can control and overcome our selfishness and cruelty. Selfishness makes us self-centered, low morale, face difficulties and bring disappointment


How Does Selfishness Affect Society? Read More »

Guilt is the emotion of self-blame that shares the form of inner virtue. For guilt the individual accepts his responsibility for morally, socially, and legally unacceptable actions. Guilt is very difficult to manage. Regular acceptance – mindfulness and practice help us accept our emotions and make it easier to deal with guilt. Effects of Guilt: Guilt leads to feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress—eg, difficulty sleeping, loss of interest, fatigue,


What is Guilt – How does Guilt Affect Life? Read More »

Reactions About Frustration: Frustration is temporary worry about past decisions and failures, which makes us feel shame and guilt, makes it challenging to start new initiatives, and makes us decide not to do anything. Research shows that frustrated people have significant self-judgmental thoughts. Frustration, stemming from a lack of understanding, often leads to emotional outbursts and violent tendencies. Research shows that frustration is not a clinical disorder but that frustrated


What are Reactions to Frustration? Read More »

Mastermind groups are economic – with diversity of education and experience (EEE) – creating the power to connect minds to overcome people’s weaknesses and develop road maps for the future. Mastermind groups are used to sharpen business skills – brainstorming, learning, accountability, and support. Mastermind Group – A combination of knowledge and efforts of two or more people working towards a specific objective in a spirit of harmony. Benefit from


How to Benefits from Mastermind Group? Read More »

Activity – the person uses mental and physical energy to achieve something, to be successful. Failure—makes it harder for the person to start new ventures, and decides not to do anything. Failure of activity- brings fear, shame, guilt in life. So, we have to overcome the failure of activity to move forward and succeed in life. Ways to Deal with Failure of Activity: Fear is a feeling – mental state,


How to Deal with Activity Failure? Read More »

Work overload occurs when job demands exceed a person’s ability to perform at a given time. We should work to live in the world – not live to work. So, one must be committed to managing the workload. Excessive workload results in mistakes, errors, mismanagement, and lack of process improvement. Not being able to finish the work in the given time leads to frustration. Ways to Overcome Work Overload: Acknowledging


How to Overcome Work Overload? Read More »

Commitment is the act of being intellectually and emotionally committed to the progress of an action. Think carefully before you make a Commitment—because a Commitment forces you to do something. In order to realize the Commitment, the goals must be lofty and achievable. Example: If someone is going to join the police – he has to commit to doing the right thing. Ways Commitment Turns Into Reality? Be Flexible: Flexibility


How can Commitment Turns Into Reality? Read More »

About Faithful: Faith is an invaluable trait that can influence every aspect of life. Faithfulness is evident when individuals live with honesty and integrity and always speak the truth. They are known for keeping their promises and following through on their commitments, even when faced with tough challenges. Through loyalty, they can build strong relationships and foster trust and respect. Moreover, they can contribute positive and harmonious characteristics to the

How to Know if Someone is Faithful? Read More »

Making decisions involves setting a goal to achieve, collecting information, and considering different options. However, confusion can hinder your ability to focus, remember important details, and make choices. It’s crucial to have the skill of decision-making, as relying solely on other people’s opinions can limit your autonomy and ability to respond to various situations effectively. Ways to Manage Confusion in Decision-Making: Step One – Identify the source of distractions that


How to Manage Confusion in Decision Making? Read More »

Regret is a familiar feeling of sadness or disappointment that arises when we believe we have made a wrong choice and blame ourselves for it. Have you ever done something that you now think you shouldn’t have done or failed to do something that you believe you should have done? When we make poor decisions due to our biases, it can lead to anxiety, sadness, and regret. However, regret can


What is Regret-Why do People Regret? Read More »

Delay is refraining from doing a task, even if it needs to be completed by a certain deadline. Procrastinators want to do something—but they can’t force themselves to start. Ways to Overcome Delay at Work: Overcoming delays requires setting specific goals. Break work into smaller parts – prioritize and do important tasks first to avoid delay. Holding positive beliefs—valuing time and making the task interesting—helps overcome delay. Overcoming delays –


How to Overcome Delays at Work? Read More »

Delay refers to unnecessarily and voluntarily postponing work, even though one knows its negative consequences. When someone believes they cannot perform a task well or are afraid of failure, they tend to delay the activity. Procrastination, on the other hand, occurs when a person lacks the willpower to complete tasks within a given timeframe. Example: You have a week to finish your work, but procrastinating right before the deadline adds


Why People Delay their Activities? Read More »

Inspiration is a mentally stimulating idea, the stimulus that encourages someone to start something creative. Inspiration can come from you, someone, or something that inspires you. Inspiration instills a sense of optimism, resilience, and individuality. Reasons Why Inspiration Matters to Us: Inspiration stimulates new possibilities by allowing oneself to experience and overcome limitations. Inspiration pushes a person from indifference to potential – and realizes one’s potential. Inspiration is the starting


Why Inspiration Matters to Us? Read More »

Failure is a state of living and working that does not meet the goals we strive for. Failure is an attempt or commitment that ends with a lack of success. Failure gives us physical and mental stress. For success, we need to work on defining the reasons for failure. Leading Causes of Failure in Life: The root cause of failure is trying to please everyone. Lack of persistence is a


What are Main Causes of Failure in Life? Read More »

Self-doubt is indecisiveness between belief and unbelief, involving uncertainty in making a decision. A mind troubled by doubt cannot concentrate on the path of victory. Self-doubt can lead to delaying action – rejecting relevant action – and missing opportunities – therefore, overcoming doubt is essential. Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt: Doubts about anything keep you away from achievement. Have confidence in your abilities, and be tough enough to follow through. Be


How to Overcome Self-Doubt? Read More »

Happiness is pleasure and contentment that arise when we feel satisfied with our activities. It is a long-term state with numerous benefits for our performance, health, and relationships, making it the key to success. Happiness is more about fulfilling our needs, achieving our desires, and feeling good overall. Happiness To Me: Spending time with family, putting cell phones and computers off, and enjoying time with those I love most. সুখ


Share an Activity that Gives You Happiness? Read More »

Anxiety is an anticipated future threat, the uneasiness that makes us anxious and upset. Anxiety comes from subconscious imagination. Anxiety only becomes a problem when it starts to control us. Relaxing and managing anxiety leads to a longer and happier life. Ways to Overcome Anxiety: Relax yourself to eliminate anxiety – don’t worry too much about things that may or may not happen! Find specific identifiable paths to reach specific


How Can We Overcome Anxiety? Read More »

 Self-criticism is the ability to criticize and evaluate one’s faults. Failure to meet expectations leads to feelings of worthlessness, failure, and guilt. To improve self-criticism and impress family, friends, and potential employers, it’s best to avoid praising yourself. Ways to Improve Self-Criticism: Everyone is a critic, but nobody likes critics. One cannot control what others say and do – however, one can improve self-criticism by changing one’s perspective – and


What is Self-Criticism, How it can be Improved? Read More »



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